Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Reader

Lily loves books.


She brings her books to anyone who is around and holds them up until they are read to her and when the book is over, she grabs it and hands it back to be read again. And again. And again. oh yes...and again. (The pictures above are all in one evening...she just moves from person to person to read to her.)

She loves all the Sandra Boynton books."Pajama Time" is her favorite.  The newer Pookie series are big hits too. 

We read "Moo, Baa, La La La" a lot.  She has started joining in on parts of that book.

I read: "A cow says..."
Lily: "moooo"
Mama: "A sheep says..."
Lily: "ba"
Mama: "Three singing pigs say..." 
Lily: "hi!"   (the line is actually: "la la la")

It made me laugh! 
Sometimes she says, "la la la".

She has always just sat back and listened when books were being read to her. I have noticed and loved the calmness and that she just sits back and listens, looking at the pictures.  And yes, I appreciate that she's young enough that sometimes we just turn the pages and talk about what's on the pictures--the colors, the characters, the scenes. She's equally as happy with that.

I have to say it makes my heart swell with happiness and pride that she loves reading books! She has a lot of models for reading in her life too. We are a family of readers and I wholeheartedly believe those habits can be instilled very early.
She's so smart, she can read upside down. ;)

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  1. Ive started reading to Bre when I put her down for naps or if were just sitting on the couch. Her face lights up when she sees the pics