Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Picture Day!

School pictures.

This year we have a 6th grader and a 2nd grader. 

I decided to let Andrew choose his own clothes (with direction if necessary).

When we discussed what he wanted to wear, he said a button down black and white shirt we had gotten. I figured heck, it has a collar, it's still casual and "him".  Whew. No discussion needed.

In the past he's worn mostly blue and he knows well enough to smile for pictures since he's had a camera in his face for nearly 12 years.  Unfortunately his glasses broke yesterday! So, we'll now have school pictures sans glasses. Maybe we'll do retake day when his glasses are fixed...that's an idea!

Reag was given a choice with her hair.  She's been wanting it to grow long for the last couple years and she's pretty happy with how it's grown recently, so I asked her if she wanted to leave her bangs down too or what she wanted to do with them. She decided she wanted a bow.  Yes, this makes my heart sing since she's decided to join in with the hairbows. 
(On a sidenote, even George has joined in getting the girls matching halloween bows the other day. Awww.)
So, despite the garbage she gets her head filled with about how not cute her clothes are at our house, she went to school really happy with how she looked for picture day! I mention that because the discussion becomes about self-esteem and the value of how she feels versus what someone else (BM) says about her clothes and that's a pretty heavy conversation for 7:30am before school.