Sunday, October 16, 2011

Double Infection with a Side of Rash

Thursday early, early morning I heard a crying baby girl over the monitor. 

Look at the clock:        2:38am.

I went up to re-paci and make sure all was well since middle of the night wake ups are not the norm. 
She'd had a runny nose for a few days which I knew was inevitable with Andrew and Reagan starting school. Reag catches everything and in return so does GeorgeAndrew and I tend to be able to remain healthy *knock on wood* most of the time.  Lily too, actually.  But, with her daddy's cold and cough hanging on for too long, Reagan's snotty nose sticking around, and the weather going from 40s to 80s, I knew it was coming.

She felt a little warm, but not really feverish and went right back to sleep.

I, on the other hand, could not go back to sleep.

So, I caught up on my dvr and this week's CSI on the couch trying to fall asleep.  Jussssssttttt about the time I was falling back to sleep at 4am... crying Lily. I went back to check on her and this time she was burning up.  I got her up, changed her diaper, took her temp... 103.  I got her something to drink, gave some motrin and she and I snuggled up on the couch.  Neither of us really fell back to sleep except for a few minutes here or there.

Daddy got up at 6am and joined the party before work. We knew we'd be off to the doctor since the day before she'd had a low temp and it obviously didn't improve on its own.  My suspicion: ears.

Off to the doctor's office first thing---LUCKY---an appointment was available right away.  They checked her weight (22lbs, 3oz) and took her temperature--which, of course, was normal due to the motrin.
And sure enough: double ear infection. 

She's such a trooper though. Just easy going, go with the flow and even on the way home was dancing to "Moves Like Jagger" and chanting "Go! Go!  Go! Go!".  She's super funny and makes me laugh all the time.

We picked up her amoxicillin from the pharmacy and home we went to nap. 

She kept her fever up and down from early Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon. Friday afternoon's nap was entertaining since she ended up pooping all over herself and her crib. Although, between the bed and the baby, Lily's the easy clean...just throw her into the bathtub!
Andrew decided to say hello

 Saturday she slept for her afternoon nap for 3 and a half hours! I kept going in to check on her and she was just snoozing...hard. When she was awake, her temperament was pretty normal. Just a little whiney at times, but she played a little bit too and watched a little tv.  There was a lot of snuggling and I have to admit how nice that really has been because she's so on the move now. You can just tell in her eyes that she's feeling miserable.

When she woke up from her marathon nap Saturday afternoon, she had total sleepy face, bed head (what little hair she has haha) and impressions on her face and head from her afghan.

She had started eating better on Saturday too, so we knew she was on the mend and the medicine was working to help.  She went to bed early and slept until 8am today which was GREAT since she'd gotten up at 6:30am on Saturday.  8am is normal for her.  She ate breakfast, played a little bit, read books and was ready for a nap at 10:00am.  She slept until 12:20pm, woke up happily, chatting to her babies and stuffed animals.

I picked her up to change her and while I unzipped her sleeper I noticed she had a rash on her face and neck. Sure enough on her belly and chest too.  I checked her all over and it was only on her head and trunk. I asked George to come upstairs. He said, "What for? I don't like surprises." ha! I guess after the poop all over the bed Friday afternoon, he was worried.

I said, "I think she's allergic to the amoxicillin."

Looking back on it, after Saturday's nap...I think it was the beginning of a rash not her afghan making impressions on her face.

He held on to her to keep watch and off I went for benedryl.


I guess since he and I are both allergic to penicillin, I shouldn't be surprised.  Although, she'd already had amoxicillin once before with no reaction.

She is fine and took another super long afternoon nap, ate normally and played normally.

Looks like we'll be calling the pediatrician first thing tomorrow.


  1. Awww! Poor lil girl! Both my boys are allergic to amoxicillin - which means they can't have any "cillin"'s Hope they give her some meds that have her feeling better quickly

  2. aww poor girl! I hope she gets better soon! I am following you back and have to say I LOVE her headband and shirt! I would do a tutorial on the bows but I am not that good yet LOL. Once I make a few more I will attempt it. Right now, it takes me a few tries just to get one layer done lol

  3. oh no! poor little girl. i hope she feels better soon. i love her halloween outfit. i wish i could get sina to keep her headbands on. she hates them!

  4. I love that she is sporting a full halloween ensemble at the doctor's office. That girl knows style, even when she is sick, hope she is feeling better!

  5. Awww, sweet baby girl! You can tell that she isn't feeling well!