Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby Piggies

I LOVELOVELOVE baby piggies!

I always have. Like wanna eat 'em up love. Baby feet, toddler feet I LOVE. When they become big kid feet and above, I don't. do. feet.  ewwww.

Even when I was pregnant with Lily, her feet were prominent. I mean the girl has some big feet.
26 weeks, 6 days

I actually exclaimed at that ultrasound to George, "Oh my God she has YOUR feet!" 

She wears size 4.5 (if I can find them) or 5 shoes. Half sizes are hard to find in baby shoes. Which is DUMB. Size 4 is too small and 5 is too big.  And my girl has big feet. When Andrew's dad was here a few weeks ago, she was chattering at him and he (who never notices anything & isn't all about babies) said, "She has some BIG feet."  Yep.

I guess because I love baby feet so much and I think they're just an accessory before babies can walk, I don't do shoes much.  Pretty much now, Lily wears shoes only when we're out and that's basically because it's gotten cold. 

Don't get me wrong, I think baby shoes are adorable.  I'm just too cheap frugal to spend $$ on shoes for a baby whose feet will grow out of them before she really gets to wear them.  On the other hand, I did buy 4 pairs of shoes for her for $14.98 total when I had a really great sale/coupon combo at Payless. And I've picked up a couple of pairs of sandals for next year that were wayyyy too good a deal to pass up. Like $1.99 for an adorable pair of purple flower Carter's sandals. Can't go wrong with 2 bucks!

My girl doesn't care whether she has shoes on, shoes off, socks on or off, one sock on and one off, bare feet. Whatever. She doesn't care.
I feel pretty much the same. Other than I don't do one off, one on. Or wet. NEVER wet socks.

After Lily was born, I literally would just squeeze and kiss her sweet little baby pigs ALL. THE. TIME.  I still do. It's one of my favorite baby things.

We play "This Little Piggy" about 83720457294 times a day. She always laughs and I always get to kiss on those piggies. 

Earlier this week, she was standing watching Yo Gabba Gabba (so she could dance, of course) and I caught sight of her little piggies sticking out of her pants. :)  I LOVELOVELOVE them.

Aren't they just adorable????
until they become big kid feet. ha


  1. I love baby piggies too! This post is awesome :)

  2. What's worse than the lack of 1/2 sizes is that Crocs does "double-sizing" e.g a combined 5/6. Sigh. We just recently had the boys start wearing shoes regularly, both for the colder temperatures and because they were slipping and falling all the time in their bare feet.

  3. I love baby piggies too and they way little baby heads smell.

  4. Those piggies need some TLC with a little color!!!

  5. I'm a huge fan of baby piggies! I'm so sad that Lily's are mostly covered up now that it's cooler out!