Friday, October 14, 2011

The Drama You Don't Want

This is my blog, my crap to deal with, so here it will be talked about.  I've talked about it before. It's ugly, it's crazy, it's vile. And I'm sick of it, so we're going to get a few things straight here. No beating around the bush.  

First of all, last night this message on twitter from Reagan's biological mother:
Sent: Oct 14, 2011 12:34a
Fucking cow. Watch ur back. #swf


Yeah, since this is the woman who accused me of molesting her daughter. Yeah, a threat.

Today these words followed...
(Her words in black and My corrections & comments will be in red with my teacher pen.)

"What else is new?!

I've mentioned many times over my blogging life about my stalker, my daughter's step mother, StephanieG143, or GotOnePastTheGoalie, or LittlePunkyPie, whatever floats your boat. Over 4 years now she has followed me to every single place I've been online,(really?) starting with pretending to be someone else on a makeup forum(actually, not so. I had a screen name 'starrcountry', but I guess that makes me "someone else" along with every other single member --including 'pebzy', 'rubyrocks' 'momma' or "whatever floats your boat" and HELLO??? the internet if full of screen names, so I guess everyone is pretending to be someone else. It was on this board I made friendships I STILL have because I did NOT pretend to be someone I'm not.) to silently stalking my November 2011 due date club on a pregnancy site.(wrong.) She has attempted to be me,(yeah, no thanks.) look like me, (ummm, what?! have you seen me? And have you seen a picture of this crazy broad?) talk like me,(really??I don't even know what to say about this other than she's insane. Her voice sounds like Beaker from the Muppets and she has no concept of appropriate language, let alone grammar)  what have you, & every futile attempt has failed.

There is only one me. DUH. lol.

I recently made a new blog to privately
(it was not private, it was public) document our new life here in the new house with the new baby coming & lots of changes on the horizon, & nothing was tied down to anything else of mine other than my followers. She stalked my followers to find my new blog in 2 days. (Not true. Actually, I was trying to determine and link the reader who has spent hours on my blog reading posts about Reagan recently to one of BM's followers, so when I clicked on said trailer park chick's name, I saw new blog link.) I know this because I have IP trackers on every single thing I do - because eventually it WILL be enough to press charges,(for what? reading public internet?) which I absolutely plan on doing. (I would also like to mention here that I myself (keyword."myself") have not been on her blog or anything else since June (just about the time I closed my other blog and moved. Only I wasn't hiding, yet she just sends minions to read and copy for her like always, hence the reader I mentioned above) - I'm trying to set an example for her to follow but of course it's not working.) I have asked my ex to  keep his psychotic wife in check, (funny how she always refers to my husband as HERS rather than Reagan's dad...)  but at this point I don't even think he realizes just how obsessed she is & how SHE is the reason co parenting fails again and again and again.  (Wait. First I was the reason he wanted his daughter, NOW I'm the reason they can't coparent?) I am at my wits end here, & aside from personally handling the situation, I just don't know what else to do.

She talks shit on me, which is funny because every single thing she says are the things SHE is guilty of, but she also takes out her hatred & jealousy
(jealous of what?) on my 7 year old (SO far from the truth, not worth commenting other than I understand that's how she sleeps at night.) AND my unborn child (yeah, other than the fact she's naming said baby a stripper's name, I have said nothing. But she publicly blogged she's naming said kid after a song about a prostitute) (which btw, last time I checked is none of her fucking business) which is clearly not fine. She is a coward, (nope, takes more power and courage to put up with a crazy person) a pussy if you will, & will never discuss this stalking subject in person (like you are by writing this blog? or when I do speak to you, you call me derogatory names--see above: 'pussy'-- or just looking at the ground and ignoring me. Yeah, keep trying.) OR over the phone. (you mean the last time you called and again, screamed derogatory names and told me you were going to get my internet shut off because I read public internet and I just hung up on you?)  She thinks it's normal what she does,(don't tell me what I think because the fact is, you do not want to know) that it's perfectly acceptable, justifying it by "needing to know" what my 7 year old is up to. (I read your crazy shit to PROTECT MY FAMILY. keep your enemies closer? ring a bell? not getting blindsided by accusations. Did that once. It has not happened since.)

My 7 year old has been at their home 1/2 the week for over 2 years now. That excuse dried up a long time ago yet it's still happening. (My stepdaughter lives here Mon-Friday. We have her more than half the time.)

This is her lifestyle, her habits, her way of making her current husband love her more than their previous women. (I don't need to MAKE people love me or issue ultimatums to get one to marry me. He chose me.) I'm not the first to deal with her as a psycho step mother (and you all of a sudden are buddies with my son's dad's 1st wife?? because I can GUARANTEE you, you and she would NOT have anything in common EXCEPT being children's mothers), which is the ONLY consolation I have.(how is it consolation that more kids have split homes?)  She clearly has some sort of mental disorder (this coming from the girl who recently called her mom the "c word" on the internet when she didn't get her way, was willing to put her 5 year old daughter through a sexual exam to "prove" molestation when she knew it was a lie to win in court) which is why anyone close enough to figure it out gets booted out of her life.(what???)  The last mom gave in - I won't. You fuck with my child (yeah, like that's EVER the case) like the coward you are, you fuck with me. It's that simple. I'll never sit back & allow it to happen because I've been annoyed to the point of not giving a fuck. I will ALWAYS give a fuck when it comes to my child.

But anyways, the 4 year history of stalking just got about 2 inches thicker as far as print outs... & eventually I know this will end - I just have to stick it out.

In doing so though, I am no longer writing anything about my private life here - from now on that will all be
here. It is invite only so shoot me an email if you would like to be added - I know I added about 12 of you already, but there's always room for more!

I've also removed myself from every public place, with the exception of
facebook because those annoying privacy settings actually work to my advantage. I just don't have the $ nor do I feel it's fair to me to spend $ to move to WP just to block one fucking IP, so things will just be kept invite only.

A lot of things changed in August & I had hoped this insecure little woman-child would stop with her shit, but I now know NOTHING will ever be enough. Until she "wins" by thinking she can get me to run away from my daughter,
(you are delusional. I do not want your daughter to be anything more than a part of my family. Be HER MOTHER WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT ME) this shit will never end. I am all she has in her sad little life  (wait? I thought I had your daughter????) to bring any type of jealousy fueled excitement, & yes that is annoying, but it's also a constant reminder of how blessed I am. If my life sucked (what life? You gave up your kid because you were too lazy to drive her to and from school 3 days a week, no thanks and you moved to the ghetto.) nobody would care this much, & when things get low & I'm ready to flip the fuck out, I just remind myself of that fact & feel better. ;)"

So, that's a little bit of insight into the crazy that we deal with on a regular basis.  I clearly could go on with the destructive and damaging things said to this child, but for what purpose? The damage is done to her own child. Not mine.  We just have to pick up the pieces.

This is honestly the worst person I have ever encountered and continually have to endure.

It's embarrassing and my husband is mortified that he has a child with her.

It's not funny.  Her stupidity is laughable, but it's not a funny situation.

It's a nightmare.

I'm grateful for my children and the fact that neither of them have to endure a parent like this and I do my best to protect them---including hers when that child is in my home.


  1. HOLY SH**. wait, Holy BatSH** crazy!! And I do NOT curse online. WOW!!!!!!
    Oh Steph. I'm so sorry. The language is horrific, i'm appalled that an adult(mother) would write something like this about someone. WOW.

  2. Poor Reagan. Sorry you all have to deal with that Steph. =(

  3. WOW. Im sorry you have to deal with this Steph :-( and who in there right mind would call their mother that...she has some issues.

  4. She sounds like such a wonderful person! I have no idea why ou two can't just be bff's!

    Kidding aside... She's clearly a loon. Keep reminding yourself of that... it's what I have do w/ ours...

  5. i can't believe that you have to deal with this steph. no one should have to. i feel most sorry for her daughter....thinking of you and praying for some kind of comfort for you as far as this situation is concerned.