Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pickin' Pumpkins

The weather in Pittsburgh this past weekend was GORGEOUS! Sunny and warmed up to mid to high 60s. After a random blast of cold days earlier in the week, this was so welcome!

 Absolutely perfect for our annual trip to the pumpkin farm!

We've been going to this particular farm for the last few years because it's wayyy less commercialized than others and George and I like simple. :) For example, there's no fee for the hayride to get to be able to pick out your pumpkin.  In fact, they give you an apple from their orchard when you climb on.

Lily had her first apple (whole) and she LOVED it! I picked a little one out of the basket and it was the perfect size for her. She was super crankypants when she dropped it after we got off the hayride and ready to look for pumpkins. She shared Daddy's apple too and then had mine while we waited go back from the pumpkin patch. :)  She loves her apples!

I love that my family just knows, we get the posed pics out of the way and then move on.  It was a lot harder to get Lily to stick her head in these cut-outs this year though, but we managed. :)

Andrew just needs to show her how it's done. ;)

'Cause she was just. not. having. it.

What she did totally love was walking and crawling in the dirt!

Andrew finds his pumpkin quickly. :)  This gig is old hat for him.
And then he has to wait...

hahahahha! He's really not grumpypants....just keeping the sun out of his eyes! There was not a cloud in sight that day.

I just love my babies and pumpkins. :)
And my favorite babe:

Finally the hayride back to the car and Lily sums up how we all felt:

We had a great time as always!  It's a simple kind of place to just pick out pumpkins which has been perfect for us. 

Going to the pumpkin farm is one of my favorite fall activities!


  1. love the pics looks like you guys had a great time...and does Lilly have on little cowgirl looking boots?

  2. So cute! I love the photos. I love that you do this as a family - these are the things your kids will remember!

  3. okay...I NEED to know where you got Lily's hair bow? I have never seen one with a multi-colored band. Your pictures are soo cute... love the family picture with all the orange & black!

  4. These are great pics! We hope to get there on Sunday to get our pumpkin :)

  5. Cute pictures! It was the perfect weekend for the pumpkin patch. I love Lily's headband!