Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If You Give a Kid a Muffin

Lily wakes up in a happy mood every day.  Seriously LUCKY!

She immediately says, "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" over and over when I walk into her room to get her, jumps up and down in her crib, smiling and chattering a bunch of stuff that I'm certain means something, but I have no idea what just yet. ;)

I love that sleepyhead look and since she's finally  just starting to get some hair growing in, she has this curl in the back that sticks out.

She loves to watch a morning show while she eats her breakfast and during the week it's helpful getting Andrew and Reag ready.  Typically she eats in her highchair and I slide it to the livingroom.

Yesterday, Andrew's dad dropped him at school before he headed back to Nashville and Reag is with BM on Monday mornings, so it was just a Lily and me morning.  I decided to give her some mini blueberry muffins while she watched her show and let her sit snuggled on the couch to eat her breakfast.

I was in her way to see the tv...

apparently she likes them...holy cramming!

dancing while eating breakfast is the way to go everytime
I love our mornings!

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  1. She's too cute! I think she loves those muffins!
    Lexie didn't start to grow hair until she turned 1. I was so excited when it finally started to grow!