Sunday, October 23, 2011

Milk & Medication

George and I have discussed organic milk versus non for awhile.  He pretty much leaves things like that up to me with regard to Lily

A few weeks ago, when he was getting her some milk, he took a drink of it and from the other room I heard him exclaim, "Oh my God!"  I asked what was wrong and he said, "This milk is DELICIOUS! It tastes like milk used to taste." ha!  It was Lily's organic milk. 

This taste test has prompted him to read more about organic milk.  That's how he operates and I love him for it...especially the teacher in me. :)  Lifelong learners.
What people choose to do with their milk is their own decision. I was surprised by his reaction and glad he tastes the difference.

He sent me an article comparing the two. That article prompted some other health discussions about Lily and her reaction to her amoxicillin. 

We have been very lucky to have a baby who is rarely sick.  She has had a couple colds and one previous ear infection in her life--really not getting sick until she was 8 months old. Prior to the last few weeks, she had had only one antibiotic and it was for also for an ear infection.

I am not one to give medicine to my kids everytime they cough, sneeze or fart. I believe that immune systems need to be built as well as what they're given genetically. I'm not a sickly person.  Headaches, yes. I get 'em.  Since I've moved to Pittsburgh, I've gotten sick a couple times a year, but I am not afflicted with every cold, cough, or sneeze that comes through my door.

What do I attribute that to?  Well, a lot of things, but my brothers are both like this as well.  So, since the three of us grew up in the same house where our parents didn't run us to the doctor for the common cold, we didn't take medicine everytime we sneezed, our bodies learned to fight off those things.  Given we're all teachers too, I'd say being exposed to all of those coughs, sneezes and handshakes each year helped as well.

I don't give my children medicine at every turn either.  It worked for my parents.  And it's working for us.

My husband grew up differently. He tends to get sick pretty easily. 

Andrew stays pretty healthy.  His is like clockwork. Seasonal allergies which can lead to asthmatic issue, but doesn't always. He has had allergies since he was 2 years old and when he was little, it brought on serious breathing issues before we knew what was going on.
We stay preventative and proactive with his health. He typically misses about
2-3 days of school a year. Funny enough, it tends to be the end of January or beginning of February. Each year we think we'll make it for perfect attendance and wham, no such luck. 

I'm lucky to have healthy children.  I choose to vaccinate them.
I choose, based on Andrew's personal health history, to get him a flu shot each year.  I have carefully chosen his pediatricians in Tennessee, Arizona and Pennsylvania based on his personal needs with regard to his breathing.  He and Lily actually see different pediatricians in the same office. He likes his and at nearly 12, when he needs to see a doctor, that's important to me. I see no reason to change him just because Lily sees one that I love for her. 

I have friends that do not vaccinate. I think this is a very personal choice and it's not mine to make for anyone other than my own children.

Well, now you know there's always an element of disagreement when dealing with our blended family. 'Cause for heaven's sake, we couldn't possibly do anything right.

We prescribe to the same method of not giving medicine for colds especially.  Having a runny or stuffy nose isn't cause for running to the doctor or always medicating in our home and that's ok with us.  It's just how we do things.

I mentioned that Reagan had a cold last week that had been hanging on. No fever. Just runny then stuffy nose. She played outside, normal temperament, wasn't anymore tired than normal, etc. You know, just the typical cold.  She tends to get sick every year at the beginning of the school year and it hangs on for awhile. I don't know how much she washes her hands at school, but she's good about it at home.

The one of the things in this situation is that it's of course, our fault.  'Cause really, that helps her get better to blame us for her getting sick. And since we've been accused of every other type of abuse, I'm sure " neglect" will be added to the list soon. *sarcasm*

This cold hasn't rendered her unfunctional. She's not gone to the nurse at school, complained at home, hasn't run a fever, so we deal with her having a cold and we function.  That's it. No biggie.

I'll continue to raise children in my home the way my husband and I agree about it regardless of whether someone disagrees. My home.  Organic or not. Vaccinations or not. Medication or not.

Now, excuse me while I go drink some delicious organic milk with my pumpkin roll.


  1. I agree with everything you've written here.
    I'm a super-duper under-medicate-er, yah that's not a real world but I like it!
    My kids get the occasional sickness but it's nothing major and I attribute that to a healthy balance of vaccinating, non-medicating, and growing their little immune systems. Eliana has sicknesses but that was something she was born with and something we will battle for the rest of her life. It's not like we could have prevented her psoriatic arthritis.

    I never once think that when my kids come from their dads with a cold that he has somehow done something wrong. That's just jumping to a stupid conclusion. Usually it has something to do with a super busy week, not enough sleep - but it's not like he is neglecting and abusing them. That chick you have on your hands is a piece of work.

    I am blessed that although my ex drives me up a freaking wall - we have always had the same parenting ideas. And while I won't agree with everything, and it was VERY tough at the beginning of our split... slowly but surely we are getting on the same page and the kids feel it, I feel it, he feels it and it is SO very healthy.

    This huge division that she is placing between you and your stepdaughter is terrible - and I hope she figures it out before it's too late.

    Ugh. I'm getting all riled up.

    Now I need to try some of that organic milk. Sounds delish!

  2. Oh and that was me - @amkisses :) heehee! i don't know why I haven't been staying on top of your blog these days!! xo

  3. I am right there with you on the not rushing to the dr thing! My inlaws are the exact opposite - drives me crazy (no wonder why your kids are always sick!!!) Z is actually home from school today because he had a fever in the middle of the night - nothing else wrong, so no need to run to the dr today.

    Did you find a good pumpkin roll recipe?

  4. There are parents who give their kids medicine for farting?? :-) J's gonna need some of that. Hee

    My parents' friends always commented about how healthy we were. I LIKE it that way. My kids have been also so far. (My cousin used to call periodically and say, "Hasn't that kid thrown up YET?!" Turned out her daughter had an issue that needed medication. And she's allergic to chocolate!) We get vaccinated except for the flu shot because the year my husband got one was the year we both got the flu!

    On that note, *****knock knock knock on wood*****

  5. we give sina some organic milk from time to time, but man, it's expensive. it's $4 a carton here! i grew up taking medicines for every ailment. malu didn't...and he hardly gets sick (maybe once a year).

  6. we give sina some organic milk from time to time, but man, it's expensive. it's $4 a carton here! i grew up taking medicines for every ailment. malu didn't...and he hardly gets sick (maybe once a year).

  7. I made the switch to organic milk 2 years ago and haven't looked back. It is delicious, and since I am the only person in my house that drinks milk, I also like how it doesn't expire for weeks:) V has yet to be sick, I hope I don't have a "not getting sick until 8 months old" post in my future.

  8. Only took me a few times of bringing #1 to the dr every time she was sick to realize they can't do anything for her most of the time. And then a friend told me she lets her kids have fevers unless they're really high and can't sleep. She said the increased body temp kills off the illnesses. Is that true? Either way, I've become a humidifying, Vic's loving mama. We also increase fluids and eat tons of raw fruits and veggies for stronger immune systems. Seems to be much better for all of us! Visit me at my blog,!

  9. It sounds like we have a very similar parenting philosophy!