Monday, September 12, 2011

Part 3. The End.

In continuing with how the first complete week of school and custody change has gone, I have some more to write as Reagan came home today after school. 

In the matter of two days, everything was back to the way it has consistently been for the last 4+ years.

It's literally amazing to me how a person can be so destructive to a child in the two days they're with them.

I mentioned in my previous post about the picture of our family and BM's family that Reagan had wanted for school for her "about me" project.  BM did not participate. Well, here's one additional casualty of BM picking up at school on Friday other than not knowing if Reag gets picked up... the "about me" project went to BM's. 

And guess who asked Reagan to see the picture of our family, then proceeded to laugh about it in front of her daughter?  Yeah, her.  These are people her daughter loves and after lying to her daughter by saying she was going to work at trying to be nicer and talk to George more than argue, she immediately goes back into the same crappy way of existence it has always been. 

Now, I truly don't care what these people think of me. But, be enough of a parent to not do it in front of your daughter.  Oh, and the picture came back to my house today all crumpled up. 

I'm not really surprised by this behavior because honestly, if you're willing to give up your kid 5 days a week because you don't want to drive her to school, not show up for her first day of kindergarten even, then clearly your interests are above all else. Or bitch the first time you pick up because of traffic or make the kid feel badly because one of you has to get your ass up to drive her to school Monday morning. She already feels she's in the way in your life.  Way to make her feel it that much more and laugh at the people she loves who don't make her feel that way. 

My expectations have completely gone back to how the should have just remained.

Disneyland mom.

Oh, and here's the picture:

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