Tuesday, September 20, 2011


~I haven't wanted to update much because my new blog design is going to be unveiled soon (like later TODAY!) and I'm super excited about it! It looks beautiful and is totally me. Once it's up, I'll write more about it and the designer because I think she's a pretty amazing person and she has no idea I think so. I'll tell you more why later. :)

~We're having some growing pains with our new custody schedule. We expected it.  But, we're just learning to live with it and if changes need to be made, then we'll figure that out too.  More on all that later.

~School has been going great for both Andrew and Reagan! We had curriculum night last week and met the teachers, listened to what they're going to be doing this coming year. I know this all seems strange for the Arizona folks since school started a month and a half ago! We're just 2 weeks in here. Dawdling still occurs in the morning with Reag and Andrew wants to just sleep until the last possible moment...have to practically drag him out of bed.

~I finally ordered my eyeglasses and can't wait for them to get here! Will be nice to be able to see far away and not squint. ;)  And solidify my nerdness. I embrace it.

~I believe wholeheartedly there are angels among us. And that's all I would like to say on some personal struggles.

~Lily has been taking a few more steps here and there, but still not walking. Someday.... I hope! Still smiling always, jibber jabbering up a storm with new words and understanding. Although when you ask here where her nose is, she puts her finger up her nose.  She has started saying "tay tay" (thank you) on her own...appropriate context which just made me smile.

~George has been sick with some throat, chest, wheezing, congestion, stuffy thing going on. Men being sick is not my favorite thing. ;)

~It's the new tv season and I'm working on my dvr settings, trying out new shows and all. I watched Two & A Half Men just to see and it was actually ok. Other than I didn't expect them to kill off Charlie. The cameos were funny especially Dharma and Greg!  I'm currently watching The Playboy Club and am in about 10 minutes and already was surprised!  Parenthood and The Good Wife are my favs, so I'm happy about them being back! Yeah, I like tv.  I am a big fan of the dvr and watching without commercials.

Lily's up--naptime over and on to reading Pajama Time for the 839228217th time today. ;) Wouldn't trade it FOR. THE. WORLD. 

...counting blessings.

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