Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chompy Chomp

The last few days we have had a little bit of biting going on. I'm still trying to decide if it's purposeful or not.

So far I don't really think so, but we're trying to nip it before it gets any worse.

See, Lily uses her mouth to help carry things with her. Since she's still CRAWLING and not walking, she'll put whatever she can't carry crawling in her mouth to get wherever she's going.  When she's climbing up onto someone or the couch, chair or bed, she puts her face down to use her mouth to help her get up.

That's where the biting has come in. 

She knows no personal space. ;)  So she tries to climb through on or over you to get where she's trying to go which leads to her putting her face down and using her mouth to help with leverage. And then bites as she's doing it. Hard.

And yeah, it hurts.

She's really strong and has always been. Like lifting up her head in the hospital on day 2, strong. I think she's just using all her strength (mouth included) to climb and now that she has teeth the people she's climbing on become a casualty. 

The only thing that made me question her knowing that she's doing it, was yesterday she was trying to climb down off of me, headed face first and starting to bite. I quickly said, "No, no" before she clenched down and she immediately leaned over to give me a kiss.

Yeah, she just pinched me while trying to stand up next to me on the couch.

It's not on purpose.


We're learning this little angel has a mischevious side to her as she's getting older. I have to say, she's gonna give me a run for my money.

Last night she was starting to go up the stairs and when I said, "Lily, no, no." She smiled at me and waved before heading up.  After all, her big brother was upstairs and she wanted to play in his room. sheesh, mama, you should know that

Andrew wasn't a biter. Except once.

When he was 4. Yes, four.  In preschool.  He got in trouble for biting a kid who was mean. When I asked him why he did it, he said, "I didn't bite him. I pinched him with my teeth."

Yeah, that one still makes me laugh.

So, hopefully we can help Lily stop pinching us with her teeth. Soon!

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