Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I'm linking up with Becky for Seriously?! Thursday!

~Seriously?! When you go out to a restaurant, is it necessary to bathe in perfume so that everyone around you can't breathe? We literally had to move to a new table it was so bad. I've NEVER experienced that that bad before. And it's not like it smelled good even. Sheesh.

~Seriously?! The puppy (I still have to introduce her) decided to eat the Sunday paper that was on the porch. I mean shred the newspaper.  While I was out cleaning it up, Lily decided to find some mysteriously hidden ink pen and create a drawing using our couch as her canvas.  I have no idea where she found it! I think they conspire to tag team me.

~Seriously?! Teen Mom. I know, I know, my husband can't believe I don't watch Sons of Anarchy with him, but will go in the other room to watch this garbage.  But, Farrah's mom...SERIOUSLY?! While I have been glad to watch Farrah and her mom work on their relationship, asking your daughter to leave her baby with you while she moves thousands of miles away to go to college? Whatever.

~Seriously?! I do not understand having two separate personal (read: not a personal and professional) twitter accounts.  You're not that important and if you don't want everyone to read it, make it private.

~Seriously?! My 13 1/2 month old baby girl REFUSES to walk. She will literally walk holding onto ONE finger, but the moment we let go, she drops and crawls super fast. 

~Seriously?! Back in the beginning of June, my stepdaughter lost her iPod. It's caused a lot of grief in this house. Lessons in responsibility, accountability, tears, frustration, value. On September 7, I found it. I pulled out a pair of jeans for her to wear to school from her drawer. Out of the pocket, falls the iPod. Why was she wearing jeans in June? 

~Seriously?! I don't know why I was so distraught about Lily turning one. I had forgotten how much fun this age is! The learning, the talking, the personality coming out. I LOVE IT!

And finally...
~Seriously?! Laundry is the WORST! never ending. laundry is my nemesis.


  1. Thanks for the laugh - Young families do keep life interesting but sounds like you keep them pretty together. hopped from Seriously.

  2. barf on too much perfume. yuck.

    haha twitter whores... don't get them.

    my sister has lost her ipod.. not once.. but twice.. and then... got her iphone "stolen." yeah.. well don't take it to school and then put it in a locker during gym class without a lock on it.

    silly kids.