Monday, January 7, 2013

1st Snow Day

Andrew flew off to Tennessee the day after Christmas on a 6:30a.m. flight and about 5 hours later it started snowing and pretty much did not stop. Many flights were delayed or cancelled and although it wasn't any fun getting up at 4:00a.m., I'm so grateful he had that early flight otherwise he would not have gotten out.

Last winter we only really had one snow for Lily to go out and play in. This winter so far, we've had snow since the day after Christmas and although I'm hopeful much of it will melt later this week when the weather warms up some, I'm loving Lily's excitement about playing in it, walking in it and just being outside to "play the snow, Mama."

This picture was early in the day, as we were heading out to get Lily some snow boots. In the meantime she wanted to wear her current favorite footwear...her rainboots. Her face cracks me up!

After we'd run our errands, we were ready for our first play in the snow!

She loved playing--going down her little slide, pushing snow off of everything, learning to make a snow angel with her daddy and him pulling her on the snow shovel.

Her favorite thing that day was simply shoving her mittened hands into a pile of snow and shaking them off. It was pure joy to watch her!

She was not interested in posing for pictures.  At.All.


It started getting dark and a lot colder, so Lily and I went inside to warm up and make some hot chocolate for George and Reagan.   We had a great time playing and simply watching Lily enjoy a simple joy. Perfect reminder of simplicity and childhood innocence.


  1. I love that big smile on her face in that first picture!!! Sliding in the snow, what a great idea, we will have to try that soon! Glad Lily, Reg and George had a great time!

  2. These ones are cute, too! I love the one of you and George!