Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steph's Snippets

Too much going on, so it's time for randomness.

~First, let's just get this out of the way: 

This weather sucks. 

It's beyond cold. And when it's near 80 in hometown, AZ and I live in this frozen hell... {Yes, I realize that's an oxymoron, but so is this stupid weather.} ...I can't help but want to be in Arizona! Anywhere, but here.  That's a country song, of course.

~Speaking of country songs... Gary Allan, one of my long-time loves, released a record this week and for the first time, in who knows how long, I drove out in single digit temps to buy it on release day! I'm still not ready to just iTunes everything, so cds are still for me.

He makes me swoon. Luckily, my real-life guitar playing husband makes me swoon too! We went to see Gary in June--which reminds me I still have to blog about that.  If you haven't heard it, listen to his latest single, "Every Storm Runs Out of Rain..."  I cannot. get. enough.

~I have zero personal space. If I'm doing something, anything, Lily is right on top of me.  It's not even that she's not independent because she totally is a "want to do it myself" kid, but holy jeez.  I go upstairs to pee, she's flying up the steps behind me.  And there's no sitting next to me, it's on me.  Rest assured if she can't be right on top of me because I'm doing something where she physically cannot, she'll do something that required immediate attention from me.  Perfect example on Tuesday, I was making meatballs.  Meaning: homemade mix up meat and eggs and gunk where my hands were busy. 

I turned around to find this...look closely...

Why yes, that is a frog pajammie wearing Lily in the refrigerator.  Washing my hands to take a picture was necessary as you can see.

And as I'm typing this, we're watching a new Bubble Guppies and she's literally leaning on my arm making it nearly useless because she can't get on my lap.  Yes, I know there will be days when I long for her snuggling and wanting to be close...I know. But, I would like to at least go to the bathroom by myself.

~Related: 3lbs of ground beef makes a lot of meatballs. In case you didn't know.

~Why is Beyonce lipsyncing the National Anthem news?  She can sing. Who cares. Why is it on the news so much?!

~What else is ridiculous? A game called Candy Crush Saga.  Seriously. I can't stop playing. I have two games on my phone and one on Andrew's iPod. Because I'm insane.

~Yesterday I was at Target {yes, I know I just was there Tuesday for Gary Allan} looking for a carseat since this is one of the clearance times for baby stuff, so I went to a different Target. I combed the racks of 50-70% off clothes and thought FINALLY I can get these Santa jammies for Lily on clearance!  Carter's two-pack with Santa on both of them.  The green boy version was 50% off, but the pink and red were still FULL price! Hello??? It's the end of January and these Santa pjs are still $14.99.  I talked to an employee and a manager. No luck. They wouldn't budge. Seriously?! Who is buying these at full price now?! They've been there since Halloween!  No luck on the carseat or pajammies.

~Roughly 14 years ago, Andrew's dad and I saw an lady wearing gold shoes walk down the street. I casually said, "If I ever think wearing gold shoes is a good idea, you'll know I'm officially old and lost it. Don't let me do that."   I randomly thought of that this morning as I looked down at my new silver sequined sparkly slippers. 

Two months left until 40 and I've lost it.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Lily in the fridge - love it!

    This weather does suck.

  2. I love these posts!

    Oh yes,Gary Allan swoooon!

    I am so sick of hearing about this Beyonce thing too!

    This weather definitely SUCKS

    I love Lily in the fridge

  3. Hmmm...I have never heard of Gary Allan, but I prefer actual CDs & books too. I love the pics of Lily in the fridge, so cute! Booo for the FULL price Santa jammies, seriously Target, get with the program! I would love to do random thoughts posts too, but "Amy's A..." I got nadda.

  4. This weather does suck.
    Why on Earth would Christmas jammies still be full price?!? Crazy retailers.