Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow Day x 2

For our first snow day, Andrew was off galavanting with his dad traveling from Tennessee to South Carolina and Florida, so when he came home, he was looking forward to some snow time with the Lilinator too.

It was a lot colder the week he came home. Like 6 degrees in the morning with highs in the teens and twenties, so we knew our time was limited outside with Lily.  This time as we headed out, she knew exactly what to expect and was super excited!

There were more snow angels going soon as Andrew laid down to do one, Lily headed right next to him and plopped down to do it.

Andrew and Reagan had a snowball fight that started off pretty tame...

...but when they fell to the ground defeated, Lily laid down right with them too.

Lily went back to her favorite activity shaking the snow off her mittens just like she had done the week before only this time she shook just a little too much. :) Although, I love that the snow sat on top of her crazy long eyelashes!
She was still not interested in posing for pictures and I'm guessing that's just going to be par for being two.

I looked at our neighbor's house and saw these crazy icicles hanging from his house, so I took a picture to share with my Arizona folks! I loved the ones hanging from the bushes underneath.

George was the one to come in early this time and fix hot chocolate for everyone when we came inside. It was definitely needed this day because it was still in the 20s that day and it was windy on top of it.  It was a nice non-typical afterschool activity! And seriously Lily sleeps so good after playing outside in the snow that I almost wish it would snow all year. not really.  We still have to make a snowman this year though. ;)


  1. I'm sad Breanna was sick when we got these snows but maybe we will have another (hope not) and there is always next year!

    I love the picture w snow on Lilys eye lashes.

  2. Those pictures are so cute, Steph! It looks like Lily had a great time in the snow!