Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stephanie Street aka Sesame Street Live

One of my favorite parts about two years old is the language development. Lily calls Sesame Street "Stephanie Street". Completely enunciated into "Steph-a-nie Street," plain as day.  {I've mentioned Amy and Victoria a lot, but what can I say? We love them!} So when I won tickets to Sesame Street Live earlier this month, it was a perfect mom & daughter double date! 

The girls and probably moreso their moms, were super excited to go!

We'd hit a warm week in January for Pittsburgh so we didn't have to have coats! Why does that matter, you ask?? Well because it's important to see these girls' cutie Elmo outfits they had on, of course! Who doesn't love toddlers in Elmo shirts and red tutus?

We made our way inside and there were tons of "Oh my! Look how cute they are!" as we made our way to find our seats with all our stuff, I kid you not. I will note that no matter how long you've been a parent or how many kids you have, taking an active {read: runs like the wind} toddler and carrying purses, camera bags and diaper bags will make you sweaty. 

We got programs and souvenirs the girls were happy to read and play with as we waited for the show to start! We kept them corralled in between us, but truthfully they didn't need it much. They were only on their feet to dance and to get up to climb on our laps. 


The dad in front of us kept asking how old Lily and Victoria both were as he listened to them chatter back and forth and also with us. We've got talkative understandable kids. I'm guessing it has nothing to do with who their mothers are haha.


Lily was a little apprehensive as the lights went down and the characters began to come out and stayed close to me for a few minutes and then was pretty enamored with the whole show and danced and sang along!

 Victoria was ecstatic from the get go! She was even shouting for the characters to come back when they'd leave the stage. It was so fun to watch our girls enjoying the show!  It was a show about making music and these two girls looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee music, so it was perfect!

They enjoyed some snacks after intermission when we headed up for a potty break and diaper change and were definitely excited when the show started back.  Lily loves her some french fries!

We had so much fun and were very lucky to have been able to go! Better yet...to share with our best friends! Making memories.
You can read Amy's post about it here!


  1. So, no one is going to believe that we wrote identical posts before even reading each others post about "Stephanie Street", it scares me how we think & write alike!! (actually, I think it is pretty cool)

  2. Looks like a blast! You two def think alike ;)

    Stephanie Street is the best toddler phrase of Lilys! <3

  3. They are too cute!!!

    glad you all had fun!!!