Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, since I've got a lot to catch up on, I'm just going with it, but will start out with our New Year's Day and fill in when I can and feel like it. :)

New Year's Day looks different for us each year depending on Reagan's schedule. Andrew always spends his Christmas break with his dad, so he doesn't come back until after January 2nd usually. This year school went back today, so he was back on New Year's Day.

Reagan came home yesterday afternoon as well, so we knew we'd have supper know that traditional Yankee dinner that consists of pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Andrew was quick to remind me that he's from Tennessee and shouldn't have to eat the sauerkraut.  In the South hoppin' johns are eaten on New Years Day for good luck, so Andrew can't win with kraut or hoppin johns because he doesn't like either of them. Next year I think I'll make both 'cause I'm a mean mom. hahaha


Lily was completely content with her supper...although I think she only got a tiny piece of sauerkraut mixed in with her pork and potatoes.

'Til next New Years Day!
What are your New Years Day traditions?


  1. R fried our pork & sauerkraut this year - nice change up! I made the quick potatoes hahahaha. ;)

  2. Glad to see that Andrew returned safe and sound and just in time to celebrate with you guys. I am with him, I don't usually eat Sauerkraut, but I do on that day. I am impressed Lily ate that meal, V would have none of it!!

  3. I love pork and kraut...yum!!! Dylan and Lily are the only other two that like it in my little family. The pictures in Andrew's collage are hilarious!
    Happy 2013! I'm looking forward to spending time with you this year!