Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas 2012 was one of the most relaxing holidays I've ever had in my adult life. We stayed home all day and the only place we had to be was to pick up Reagan at noon from her mom's.

We waited until Lily woke up before coming downstairs. She gets up around 8:00am everyday and Christmas was no different. Andrew was ready for her to get up!

George, Andrew, Lily and I enjoyed a quiet morning opening gifts and having cinammon rolls to munch on until brunch later for when Reagan came home.

Lily excitedly came down the stairs with her same, "Ooooh look at the pretty lights!" exclamation she had been doing every day with the Christmas tree and the first thing she saw was Geo and Bot from Team Umizoomi! She already had Milli, so she was super excited to see the other friends! Santa had brought her her very own chair and she kept saying, "I love my chair!"  Santa win.

The older kids get, the more difficult I have found to buy for them.  We didn't want to get another video game which is pretty much all Andrew had said he wanted, so Santa decided to go with the new tv he can play on. He was really surprised and excited! Another Santa win!

It was nice to watch Andrew help Lily and just simply enjoy my family this Christmas. Lily received a lot of Little People this year! So once she got the house and the castle opened, she just wanted to play!

Soon it was time for George to head to pick Reagan up. The kids stayed home with me while I fixed brunch. We had a yummy feast of french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, and orange juice.

I wanted to make these cutie little Santas for my two year old who screams everytime she sees Santa, but didn't want the richness of cream cheese etc., so I decided just to use whipped you can see the whipped cream just melts and slides! hahaha  Some of my Santas are apparently Asian.
Lily didn't seem to care at all. She just loved that she got lots of strawberries!
We were all starving by the time it was time to eat!
I also made a special Lily candy cane for breakfast and snacking.  "Candy Can, Mama!"

After we ate, Reagan opened her gifts and the kids happily played. We spent the day just relaxing and enjoying being home together.

Santa brought the kid who wanted nothing, yes nothing, for Christmas a special art kit in a wooden case to have good art supplies to hone her drawings. 
Lily was really happy everyone was all home at the same time and spent a lot of time going back and forth between everyone playing with, climbing on, being silly with and loving on. 

Lily's face cracks me up

We had a delicious ham dinner special requested by my adoring husband. And despite my not liking ham very much, I'm happy to provide something simple for the man who works so very hard to provide a good life for us.  We watched Lord of the Rings later that night...the blu-ray set was Andrew's gift to George and after seeing The Hobbit on Christmas Eve, they both wanted to watch. Luckily for them, Reagan and I like the movies too.  It was a very blessed, relaxed Christmas for us this year. ♥
best "things" I've ever done.


  1. Sounds like a PERFECT day!

    I like your Asian strawberries! Yay for Santa win presents!

  2. Cute pictures, Steph!
    I'm glad the chair was a hit and that you had a wonderful day!