Sunday, March 25, 2012

1st Day of Spring

Mr. Rogers' birthday also happens to fall on the 1st day of Spring, so in addition to our free admission to the Children's Museum, a local Italian ice place offers free Italian ice every year to celebrate the 1st day of Spring. 

This year it was HOT. {again, hot is relative}  80 degrees in March in Pittsburgh is about 20 degrees above normal. Getting a cool treat was so welcome!

We waited until George got home from work and Andrew and Reagan got home from school and off we went.
Lily was ready!
{Yes, my old man is wearing old man socks and sandals}

The line was long, but moved quickly.

Lily just kept wanting to run.  Yep, she's at that age where if she's not being held or in a stroller she is on. the. go. Running.  Finally, we got our turn!

Hmmmm which flavor to choose?

We picked green apple for Lily, Andrew got the same, Daddy got Bubblicious and Reagan and I got pink lemonade.

We headed over to my mother-in-law's cauldron house to eat our Italian ice and let her see the kids.

There was a lot of running back and forth from Andrew to Daddy.

Andrew enjoyed the outside thoroughly.

Lily enjoyed her 1st Rita's Italian ice experience all the way down to the cup. 

Happy 1st day of Spring!

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  1. OMG my husband does that with the socks & sandals!!! Lily looks adorable as always and yay free Rita's!! And I love all the Coldwell Banker signs in the background! Haha