Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are You Present?

With 6 days remaining in my 38th year, I've been pretty reflective lately.  I'm a reflective person anyway, but there are several times throughout the year I become moreso. Seemingly this is one of them. ;)

I've begun merging previous blogs all into this one. I'd like our story to be in one place and not scattered around, purging paperwork and packing away others, soaking in being present and working on eliminating the inevitable chaos. I've written recently about balancing. This theme is weaving it's way entirely through my life...

Soaking. In. Being. Present. 

I'm in such a place of being in love with my daughter and who she is. She's pure magic and she has no idea.  The excitement and joy she exudes is so, so heartwarming.

Literally, just watching her explore her world makes my heart swell. Just this morning when she was coloring, and picked up a new crayon, I told her it was purple and of course, she tries to say everything so it is now a "purkle" crayon. She was coloring with pik (pink) and purkle.  I do not take one moment of her forgranted. She reminds me what makes sense when all the demands of life take hold.

When Andrew was a baby, I was in such a hurry for him to hit milestones early and grow quickly while with Lily, I've been so relaxed and not in any hurry for her to do things early.  Just do as she needed.  Having a 19 month perspective, I can see, her fine motor and verbal skills developed earlier and more quickly. With Andrew, his gross motor skills were primary.

She's doing exactly as she should be. Her time.  Her language has exploded lately and we are enjoying it, cracking up and encouraging her. Best. age. ever. {I'm sure I'll say that a billion more times for whatever age she is at the time, of course.}

I'm taking a class this weekend...for myself and going to dinner with my mom's group too. I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with Andrew and then a relaxing, yet productive Sunday with my husband around the house. 

While all that may seem simple. Simple is what is important to me. 

There's so much bullshit with the blended part of our family that just never goes away. Never. 
Take blogging for example. What bearing does reading BM's public blog have on court?  Really?? Come on, it's the internet and it's public. Public.  Keyword: public.
Let me say it one more time:  p-u-b-l-i-c. 

I suppose "statcounter" should itself be called "statstalker". 

I have a stat tracker. Not for her crap. She has a billion IP addresses anyway, so it's irrelevant.  If you go out of your way to hide and change your IP when you come to my blog and email my husband, something is wrong with you. 

Just that little blurb is why simple is important to me, as that crap can easily consume if we let it. 

Hence the focus of being present is where I am in my life as I approach another chapter.


  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the truck up! You're going to be 39? I thought you were my age. Geez, lady, you look amazing!

  2. I agree w Stef, you look FAB...I never would`ve thought that either

    Im on the same page w. enjoying EVERY second and not rushing Bre growing up!!

  3. I was all excited about milestones with my boy too and more relaxed with the baby! I'm just enjoying babyhood a tad more and trying to hold on a little longer too! :) Can't wait for Mom's night. We all need the fun and the break! Together. I'm just a hair younger. YOUNGER. By a hair! Hee.