Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Winner & Wrap Up

Okie dokie, first things first...let's get to the giveaway winner for the Yoplait prize pack from MyBlogSpark!

This was an easy peasy entry with only 8 entries. Thank you ladies for entering!  and welcome to my newest follower! :)

The winner is....Amy!

Amy, send me your address so I can get it to My Blog Spark and they can get your prize pack out to you!
Congrats to you! I hope you love it! 

We had a relaxing weekend. George spent some time in his laboratory music room which is the basement playing, adjusting, fixing and working on stuff.  I was disappointed my Ghost Whisperer Saturday marathon on WE wasn't on this weekend. Man, I love that show. Instead, I watched dumb Lifetime movies that I love and have seen a billion times. You know the one where Lisa Rinna is afraid of water, learns to swim and becomes best friends with this woman and is sleeping with her husband but didn't know? Yeah, a billion times, but I watched it again. I also played Draw Something with some of my favorite Twitter friends and laugh so hard at my ridiculous attempts to draw on my phone.  If you haven't played this game, get it, let's play. I promise you'll crack up and completely understand why they didn't want me to skip 2nd grade based on a drawing. My username is: StephanieG143. :)
Andrew had a friend sleep over Friday night, so he stayed up late and got up too early. 12 year old boys love their video games.  Lily slept in until 9 on Saturday morning...I love it! She has got the weekend thing figured out. She does sleep in. She and I went to get donuts for a treat for breakfast for everyone... Lily loves her a chocolate sprinkle donut! She picks off the sprinkles and eats them one by one too.
We spent the rest of Saturday computering, playing, reading otherwise known as staying in, being lazy and cozy.  It was nice.  We headed to the mall that evening to take advantage of Old Navy's 30% off sale. I don't buy anything at Old Navy without a coupon and this weekend was their Friends & Family sale, so with my 30% off my entire purchase coupon, I managed to get everyone in my family minus myself some new clothes for little money. I call that a win! 
Sunday, we had some weather confusion going on.  It was chilly most of the day, then it would snow really hard and not stick, but then it would be sunny and deceptively warm, then there was thunder for awhile, and finally a couple inches of snow fell. Before the thundersnow and the couple inches, I took Andrew to get his haircut and run a few errands while Daddy & Lily hung out at home together. We had decided to grill burgers for supper too. We're seriously ready for spring and summer to be here.

He was in desperate need of a haircut and since spring school pictures are tomorrow, we needed to get it done for certain.  He's a character.  Love that kid!

So, today Lily and I are staying in our pajammies and making the best use of our "snow day"....playing. Well, right now she's napping and I'm trying to rid myself of my headache. ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. Woo! Winner! I never win anything! Seriously. So excited!! THANK YOU!

  2. Aww...sorry I missed this giveaway :( I also do not buy anything at Old Navy without a coupon and also took advantage of the sale this weekend, we are soo alike! Love Andrew's new do!

  3. Hey missy! I tagged you for Blog Tag. :)

  4. Boo- I missed the giveaway:( Your son seems like a character- a truly handsome boy. Hope you are having a nice weekend!