Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Me Time

This weekend went by entirely too quickly.  Last night I told George that I was not ready for Monday.  Here I am Monday, ummm....still not ready for you.  But, alas there is no stopping of time.

After last week, I was ready for the weekend.

I had a class scheduled that I had been looking forward to for the last month and a mom's group meetup minus kids both on Saturday. That meant Lily was all Daddy's all day!  Andrew spent most of the afternoon with his friends, so it was just Lily and Daddy.  Lily is busy. Always.  There's no stopping until she's asleep. I think he has a better appreciation for the exhaustion I feel some days. ;)

The weather was gorgeous Saturday. Not a cloud in the sky, warm and sunny. Perfect. 

I'll share some of what I learned in my class soon, as I literally just looked through my pictures that day and am so happy to have it "click" with learning to take pictures not in automatic. I'm super excited about it! Just the difference of pictures when you have a better understanding of the functions of your camera is amazing! Plus, Michelle is much more interesting than my camera manual and dvd.

After running Andrew around a little bit in the afternoon and getting him signed up for hockey, I  tried to relax a little bit before headed out with my mama friends...sans kids! We opted to for hibachi and had a great time just hanging out and chit chatting. 

These are some of my favorite people.  I appreciate each one of them in different ways and having in-person friends who listen, cheer, and encourage is lifesaving!

Yesterday, I had plans to practice some of my newly acquired photog skills with my guinea pig Lily, but the rain foiled that plan. Andrew had a birthday party to attend and George had some running around to do, so I relaxed at home with Lily and did some cleaning.  Nothing exciting at all. :)  And that's a-ok with me.

As I said, not ready for Monday as evidenced by my dog getting stuck this morning and getting me all muddy trying to help her only to then catapult my newly opened {read: no sips out of it} Diet Dr. Pepper all over my bedroom floor and then Lily dumping my full cup of water {with a lid} all over the dining room floor while I ran to the bathroom.  Monday is not being good to me. 

Thank God for a great weekend leading into it!


  1. I hope your Monday turns around! We had a great Sat night for sure. Stef said it perfectly about not many people would I hang out in a parking lot with!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! Saturday night was awesome...can't wait to do it again! Sorry today has sucked.

  3. It was a great weekend! We can cling to that as long as possible! So great hanging with the ladies! So many photo opportunities coming up I bet!