Thursday, December 2, 2010

1st Snow & Hockey Championship

A couple days ago, it rained all day and night--record setting rain.
Over 2.5 inches.

When I woke up, I expected to see more rain and or/flooding...
lo and behold, it was snowing. 
Yep, it turned December 1st and there was snow as if on cue.

It didn't snow a lot, but enough to cover the ground and the rooftops...
and it snowed all day.

Andrew's fall hockey season also wrapped up with the final championship game of the series. His team was in first place all season, won their first playoff round and in the final series, won the 1st game, lost the 2nd game, so last night's game was for 1st place. 

It was in the 20s, lightly snowing and windy. SUPER cold.  I, fortunately, bought Lily's snowsuit after last winter --right after we found out she was a girl. We bundled up in our ASU Sparky blanket and watched Andrew play.

The trophy presentation was after the game....they lost 9 to 5, ending the season in 2nd place.

You can tell by the looks on most of the boys' faces how unhappy they were.

They played really hard all season and it was strange to see them kind of give up halfway through this game.
Heartbreaking end to a great season!
Here's to the winter hockey season that kicks off next month and hoping we'll stay warm!

My family after the game:

George said to me after the family shot, "I don't want to take anymore pictures..."
I said, "It's Lily's first snow."  He understands me without anything more than that being said.
They adore each other ♥


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  1. Congrat's on 2nd place! That is still a great finish! I always feel horrible for the team that loses the championship though (even in major leagues when the Steelers win... I am strange, I know)

    My boys were trying to sledride on that little bit of snow! LOL didn't go too well ;-)