Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

Last weekend, we headed out to get our Christmas tree!
If you've read my previous post Not So Traditional Holidays, you'll understand why getting our tree is a pretty big deal to us. :)

Since I grew up in Arizona where it's wayyyyyyy too dry to really have a live Christmas tree each year, my family always had a fake tree.  Albeit pretty, it just wasn't my favorite.

So, upon moving to PA, I told George, I wanted to be sure we had a real Christmas tree each year.  The first year, we'd only been here for 3 months and we had George's fake tree for the 1st year...I married a man who doesn't like change too much. :) But, after that year we started a new tradition for our family.

We found this mom-and-pop lot, three Christmases ago and we've been going ever since. :) I love it and love supporting this local family!

Basically, it goes like a little something like this each year:
Andrew and Reagan run/walk around the lot looking and playing.
George and I walk through and he holds up a bunch of trees and I say yes or no. :)

This one was too big...

This one's a maybe, but possibly too fat for our little livingroom...

Still on the hunt...

Lily wasn't quite sure what to think...

The kids know they have to stop and have their picture taken, so they humor me. (They'll thank me someday.)

And finally the chosen one...
...and my husband asking me if I'm sure. :)

 Our Christmas tree! ♥

Years past...

We were 6 weeks pregnant with Lily and had known for 9 days. ♥




  1. nice pick!!! i wish i wasn't allergic to real trees. i love the smell!

  2. I wish I could have a real tree - but I get such horrible allergies. Your kids will have such great memories about picking out a tree!

  3. Looks like a great tree!!

    We went and cut our own down this year! It was a lot of fun and a lot easier than I had anticipated! It is just a few minutes off of Rt 228 in Mars if you are interested in the future - it is a tree farmer and like you I like to support local people!