Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Andrew Turns 11!

Andrew is eleven!

I truly cannot believe this 1st baby of mine is 11 years old already.

This year his birthday fell, just as it did the year he was born...2 days after Thanksgiving.
We talked about his birth story --how I went Black Friday shopping, didn't know I was having real contractions as I shopped and completed my Christmas shopping November 26th. I came home, had leftover turkey dinner with his dad, we started watching Good Will Hunting and about an hour into it, my water broke while his dad said, "Are you sure you didn't pee on yourself?" :)  And off to the hospital we went at 11pm.

5:14pm, November 27, 1999.

The best gift.

It's neat as he gets older, and especially now that we've recently HAD a baby, how his questions change about how he was born. :)  I love this kid so much and am amazed by him daily.

We had a family party (family we choose) planned for the afternoon as he decided he wanted a sleepover for his birthday this year. So, we're doing the sleepover soon...this will be his first sleepover at our house and I can't wait for a bunch of rowdy boys to overtake us!  Andrew has begun making his list of things we have to have: lots of food, we get to stay up as late as we want, chips, frozen pizza, no girls. ahahaha

We had homemade pizza, cake and ice cream to celebrate this young man with our family friends. :)
 ooooh getting to use the big knife!

The kids all played with nerf guns, played outside, and played video games.
The grown ups chatted and laughed and hung out.
It was relaxing and perfect.

Lucky mom.

Oma's gift to her 1st grandbaby:

 Reagan was so excited to give Andrew this gift!
We were all really proud of her...
she spent her own money to get this for him,
when she and her mom were out shopping one day.
so thoughtful
 The coveted Lego minifig sticker book!

 Happy Birthday, Andrew!
I love you to the moon...and back. ♥



  1. That's great and very brave that you're hosting a slumber party. Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!

    I think it's great you're hosting a slumber party - we had a slumber party at our house with our nephews once. It was chaotic, messy, loud, and WAY too much junk food was eaten.

    But you know, even I had a good time! I hope your son's party is fun for you all, too!

  3. This is very sweet. You are such a great mom. Can you believe how fast they grow up?? He is so cute!