Monday, December 20, 2010

Lice, Lice Baby

What do you do when you're so frustrated with a situation that you just can't fix?

Why you make up songs about it, of course.

My poor, sweet stepdaughter has had a rough go of things for the last month. Yes, 4 weeks, she (and all of her parents) have been enduring lice.

I first wrote about it at the end of November:

Here we are FOUR weeks later STILL dealing with it.

Now, here's the thing.  It's not here and not at her mom's.  It's at school.  And there isn't a "no nit" policy, so kids who have lice and/or nits can come to school and are not sent home when it's discovered at school.  She goes to school clean and comes home with them --doesn't matter whose home she's coming home to or going from--ours OR her mom's. (no one else has had them at our house or mom's.)

I'm tired of doing laundry, throwing away hair ties, keeping her coat and backpack and stuffed animals bagged up and picking nits out of her hair.  I've learned through the million hours of reading that most of the nits she has are "empty" since they're not near her scalp, but of course, it still requires picking them out and treatment over and over and over and over and over.

We just do what needs to be done. 

Well, last week after 3 1/2 weeks of this, when the nurse called to say she'd had more nits, we expressed our frustration and voiced our concern about the "no nit" policy.  Unfortunately, her hands are tied. It doesn't, however, eliminate the frustration we're all experiencing.

So, that night as we picked through the hair of this sweet little frustrated 6 year old girl, I started singing... "Lice lice baby" to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby".  She laughed as I continued with "Will it ever stop? Yo! I don't know."
Along with other songs...
"You're as cold as lice"
"Your lice your lice your lice is my drug"

Funny enough, I heard her in the shower singing, "lice lice baby. alright stop."

Alright stop. is right. :) 
We're maintaining our senses of humor, luckily. :)



  1. arghh!!! lice! sorry about that. man, in hawaii (when I was in elementary school) they did random testing and if you had lice, you were sent home immediately and couldn't go back unless a check was done to make sure they were gone.

  2. Oh man - lice is the worst! I can't believe the school lets kids attend when they know there is a problem with lice! How awful!