Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Santa evidenced by the half-eaten cookies, missing carrots, almost empty glass of milk and of course the letter he left for the kids.

Santa brought Lily an exersaucer! She's excited!

Rollerblades for Andrew

A digital camera for Reagan

Reagan was ecstatic to give Andrew the gift she chose for him at the Santa Secret Shop at school!

This frame was VERY specific on her list...
it got the biggest cheer. ♥
Waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too early after Santa didn't get any sleep, but  Lily's face CRACKS me up!

Merry 1st Christmas, Lily! We love you so much!!


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  1. Looks like everyone in your household were well behaved this year! I love that Reagan wanted a family frame. That is wonderful.