Monday, December 13, 2010

What A Catch!

My husband went out of town last weekend.  Because this is the internet, I don't write about things like that in the moment for obvious safety reasons. But Andrew, Lily, and I had a great weekend and so did George.

For the last few years, he's headed to visit a friend of his in Kentucky once a year and they spend a guy's weekend fishing, playing guitar, drinking beer and just enjoying time away. 

His friend is expecting his first baby early next June, so the guys wanted to have one last time before his friend's life completely changes. :)  And of course, my loving husband needed and deserved some time fishing too! ♥

I also am one to think that time away is a good thing too...reminds you of how much you love each other, appreciate each other and value you the relationship. 

For me, since we started out long distance, it's reminiscent of the beginning of our relationship and falling in love which brings up really great memories and feelings. When one of us is gone, we talk each morning and night and I love the random texts of flirting and connection.  We're both pretty independent people who love our time together and value each other's need for time on our own. It's one of the things I really love about us as a couple.

I love to fish too, however I don't do all day I'll bring a book to read or paper so I can write along with my fishing. It makes us both happy that way. It's been awhile since we've gone together, but I wanted to be sure George was able to go this year.


And to be sure Daddy knew Lily missed him too, we replied right back:


  1. OK your dingy dong friend (muah) thought at first that was the real fish and I was like I wonder why it isn't floppin around LOL hahahahha then I was like well silly it is a stuffed fish.....that is a big fish George caught and I have to say "What a Catch he found when he married you as well" that is awesome to let him have some guy time....I think it is important....and then of course we get our free time yipeeeee.....

    love ya

  2. what an adorable fake fish and a super sweet post =)
    Glad thu hubs had some fun

  3. Awesome catch! I am with you on the fishin... I can do it for a lil bit - then I am happy with my book (but of course that is when hubby decides to talk...)
    Look how cute Lily is with her big catch too!

  4. soooo cute! lily had quite a catch herself :)