Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The House the Kids Built

One last Christmas post....I think. :)

The kids were excited to do gingerbread houses this year and I found a score at Costco! One kit that had a house and a toy shop...for...$3.97.  YES!  One for each of them and less than four bucks for the enjoyment!

 holding the sides and roof together...
They asked how long, I told them until next year.

 Let the frosting begin!

 Apparently True Blood visited...

Decorate the house, eat a little, decorate, eat, decorate, eat...


Happy Gingerbread Housing!



  1. How cute they are making their houses together!!

  2. Great job guys! That is quite a Costco deal, I always wonder why I'm never there to find that sale.

    Happy New Year!