Thursday, December 16, 2010

Slumber Party...Er, Sleep Over

Last weekend, Andrew had his first sleepover at our house.
He's been to plenty, but having a sleepover with four eleven-year-old boys was a first...for both of us. :)

I was also infomed by my 11 year old son that it is NOT a "slumber party".  Slumber parties are what girls have.  Ahhh, I see.

Let's recap what happened at the slumber party sleepover:

A bunch of kids show up with pillows, sleeping bags, blankets.
They eat pizza, have ice cream, chips and pop.
They played "truth or dare" all while giggling.
They watched movies.

Ummm...doesn't sound much different that my experience as a girl at a "slumber party". Hahaha

I guess they didn't really "giggle", but you know.
And they did have nerf gun wars.
And played video games.
And zombies.
And a lot of running, wrestling and jumping.
And they tried to see who could stay up the latest.

*They all crashed at 2:30am.

The one thing I thought was hysterical was they had an itinerary! "From 8:00 to 8:15, we'll play hockey, then from 8:15 to 8:30 we'll..."   They didn't really stick to it, but they sure planned a lot.

Lily and I hung out in my bedroom watching movies and playing. Daddy was smart and went out of town to fish. :)

They were up at 8am and the nerfwars, video games and wrestling began again. I made them scrambled eggs, cinammon rolls and toast for breakfast. Made them drink milk to counter all the pop they'd had at night. :)   Parents picked up at noon. Andrew took a 3 hour nap later in the afternoon. ha

Quite honestly, the whole thing just made me smile...that my son is happy, adjusted and enjoying being a kid.

 Yes, there are boys sleeping in this pile of blankets. :)

Sleepover success!