Friday, December 17, 2010

Breakfast With Frosty

Yesterday was a busy day in our family with school holiday events!
Reagan and Andrew attend different schools in different districts, so often times events fall on the same days, but luckily one was in the morning and one was at night for this day! 

Reagan has an annual "Breakfast With Frosty" at her school and she's attended with her dad now for two years.  It's a pretty simple thing that makes kids happy. They get to eat breakfast at school with their parents and Frosty makes an appearance.  Reag was looking forward to it for the last few weeks.

It took me a long time to figure out what was going on with Frosty...'cause he's pretty creepy looking. But, I figured it out...see if you can.

George didn't realize the camera was on the wrong setting. :(  I can't even tell you how grumpy this makes me...waaaaaa

Doesn't that look sooooo appetizing?

This face makes me laugh!
Apparently she wasn't thrilled with the choice for breakfast?

2009 event:
But if you see...she chose the same thing last year...

I love to compare how much she's grown from last year!

It's a fun time for Reagan and George. :)


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  1. how cute and what a wonderful daddy/daughter breakfast and you are so goooood to her...she is lucky to have you! Um Frosty is creeping me out LOL....I think we need to buy him a hat or some pants LOL....yeah light up santa boxers hahahahah

    love ya girl