Monday, November 29, 2010

Can't Stop Scratching!

Last week we got a call from my the nurse at my stepdaughter's school...

dun dun dun...


It happens.

She hadn't been here with us for a few days, so she actually got her shampoo treatment at her mom's. But, of course to be on the safe side, the great laundry event of 2010 began in our house too.  Can I just tell you how many baby blankets Lily has????? 

I bagged up Reagan's stuffed animals after they'd taken their hot water bath in the washing machine, ran the steps to the laundry room (in the basement) to the bedrooms (on the 2nd floor) 984938294948271 times carrying laundry to and from, checked my head, checked the husband's head, and as soon as Andrew came home from school, he was checked too. Lily has no hair. :)  Everybody clear! THANK GOD!

That all took place Monday.  Reagan comes back home with us on Wednesdays every week and *this* week was one of our extended periods with her---so she'd be here 10 days instead of the usual split week.  Since nothing was found here, I wanted to be sure to get everything washed before she got back so we were starting fresh.

I pretty much knew we were clear because on the previous Sunday morning, Lily had gotten up at 6am and this mama was wayyyyyy too tired to get up so early. Soooooo, Lily and I climbed in Reagan's bed so we didn't wake up Daddy and Andrew and slept for another hour and a half.  I laid on her pillow. I didn't have lice.

Still don't.


I've kept Reag's hair up everyday and retreated her over the weekend and found ZERO. ZILCH. ZIP.


The psychological itch is driving me crazy!

So, last night I dreamed about lice. 
Yes, disgusting lice...has permeated my dreams.

And although no lice were ever in my's been too close for comfort for me.

And my poor stepdaughter is tired of her mother and me picking through her head and not being able to have her stuffed animals. :( 


  1. Ahhh... the things our mind will do to us!

    I haven't had to deal with lice.. yet... a hairdresser was telling me once that her kids got it from playing in sand! I didn't know that lice could stay in sand!

  2. I just read this and started itching!! :)

  3. Is this why my ass itches all the time?

  4. yikes! the thought of lice makes me itch too! the last time i had it, i was in elementary school in hawaii and they did random lice checks on all the kids. crazy, huh?

  5. Yuck. I am so glad you all don't have it. You are a great mom girl!