Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010...Finally!

Lily's 1st Halloween.

Something I've really looked forward to pretty much since we knew we were pregnant with her!
After Halloween 2007, I found a costume at Old Navy for $1.99 and bought it because I loved it and thought it was funny. 

Yes, you read that right. THREE years ago.
L-O-N-G before Lily was glimmer.

We carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, had school and scout Halloween parades and of course, trick-or-treating.

Andrew's parade was quick! I'm so happy that they still do that in his school!
Reagan had a parade that same day too . (The one where we had to get her a costume for: http://gotonepastgoalie.blogspot.com/2010/10/sharing-halloween.html)

Unfortunately one was at 2pm and the other was at 2:15pm and their schools are 25 minutes apart. :(
George was working that day, so we made sure that Reagan would have someone there for her that day too. Her mom went and hopefully took pictures for her!

Earlier in the week, Andrew's participated in a parade with Scouts. Unfortunately, his costume hadn't arrived yet (we had to order it), so we improvised with George's army stuff!

Lily the pumpkin enjoyed the parade that night in the Moby...napping. :)
She woke up long enough to get a picture with her brother.
Pumpkin carving is always fun in our house! It's one of the times we all look forward to in the Fall!

We put the kids in costumes early for pictures since it would only be Andrew and Lily trick-or-treating this year!

Yes, we made our beautiful baby daughter be a hot dog!

This year was one of my favorites of Andrew's costumes! He just looked so awesome walking trick-or-treating as the Headless Horseman! People who answered their doors would call everyone in their houses to come look at him and the people we passed on the streets 'oohed and ahhhed' over his costume too.

Trick or Treat!



  1. Great costume for Andrew!!! Love Lily in the hot dog - the pic of you taking a bite was hysterical! And what a beautiful little witch you have too!

  2. That is very cute and snuggly! I would totally dress a baby as food.

  3. Best post ever. I LOVED all the pics. Especially the one of you eating Lily LMAO!!!!!!

  4. Great pics girl! Such a fun time of year. Lily looked adorable and Andrew's costume is awesome!

  5. That headless horseman costume is awesome! I would have been ridiculously freaked out if I opened the door to that

  6. LMAO!! That hotdog costume is AWESOME!!

    And I love the Headless horseman! I can honestly say I've never seen someone with that costume and it ROCKS!

  7. The costumes are all awesome! I love your little hot dog!!!

  8. OMG - Lily as a hot dog!!!

    I love it!!!

    Wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the hot dog costume!! So freaking cute! Glad you had a nice Halloween!

  10. Those hotdog pictures are hysterical! So cute!