Monday, November 15, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Lily went to her first official wedding (outside the womb). 
Remember we got married 4 days before she was born. :)

She was a big hit!  My husband's extended family hadn't all seen us since she was born and the last time we did see everyone was while we were pregnant about 6 months ago.

Lots of cousins and aunts and uncles ~fell in love with our baby girl. ♥

We danced, ate, laughed and had a great time!

Lily was fascinated with the lights the dj had and the reflection of the discoball!

Andrew and I had some really good conversations over dinner...discussing why I'm glad he's almost 11 and how much I enjoy his thoughtfulness. He's been asking a lot of interesting life questions lately which have prompted great discussions. It's been amazing watching this young man grow and wonder about life and express his thoughts about what he's taken in.  I am loving this age!

My babies and me:

This baby girl LOVESLOVESLOVES her Daddy!

My husband and I danced together for the 1st time as husband and wife...
And I love that as soon as the song started, he knew it was one I loved, stood up, held out his hand and asked me to dance with him.

We had such a hectic day with hockey games, it was wonderful to enjoy each other in such a happy and romantic setting. ♥ 

p.s. Never ask your MIL who hates you to take a picture of your family....
Blurry. Three times.



  1. Look how beautiful all of you look (blurry or not, it is still a good picture!)

    How nice that Andrew and you are having great converstations!!

    There is nothing like your hubby asking you to dance. <3

  2. Cameras can be so tough on some people! Glad you had a wonderful time. You all look beautiful - fuzzy, but beautiful!

  3. You all look gorgeous, blurry or not a great family photo, hey maybe you can photoshop the blurry!

    Love Lily's dress and flower clip she is presh! How sweet your convo with Andrew, and why am I just figuring out ya'll just got married before Lilly was born I was thinking ya'll have been married forever, LOL I am dinger than I thought hahahha


  4. Beautiful family!! She's the lovliest!

  5. She is so adorable I just love the bow! I am laughing so hard at your comment about the blurry picture....yep never ask the MIL!

    Ya got one awesome family Chica!

  6. It isn't that blurry and you all are beautiful! Lily is so dang cute. My daughter just turned 12, and is asking interesting questions too. It is a fun age but why do they have to grow up so fast? LOL