Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Monday Musings

How is it really already mid November?

I had a dream last night that we were pregnant.
So vivid I woke up and had to get myself awake enough to shake my head and think,"Am I?" because my dream was in present time.
In my dream I was literally checking my calendar and our due date was July 31, 2011.  Ok, for those of you trying to do math in your heads, that would mean I was 3 weeks. Ummm....Lily's birthday is July 24. I am  NOT  ready for a baby while my baby is still a baby. 

But wow.

I took Andrew down to the bus stop this morning because it was SUPER foggy and cold. Umm, yeah, so there was ICE on my windshield.  This Arizona girl is clearly not ready for winter!  It's supposed to be sunny today, so there's that.

Thanksgiving is next week, so I need to get my shopping list written and my coupons clipped. I've been saving up my food perks with our local grocery specifically for Thanksgiving and I have 10% off my total purchase!  I lovelovelove a bargain and saving 10% at the grocery store off the top is incredible!

Lily's 4 month check up is next week too and she'll be having rice cereal for Thanksgiving dinner. How is this baby already nearly FOUR MONTHS old?!?!

And my original baby, Andrew, will be celebrating his 11th birthday next week! How in the world did that happen so fast?!?!  Can't wait to celebrate! He loves to hear the story about how he was born and this year is the same way it was in 1999...Thanksgiving and then 2 days later he was born.

Funny how both pregnancies, I went in late Friday nights and had Saturday babies.

Lily came in 7th place in the Halloween picture contest...thanks for all your help voting!  She stayed in the top ten the whole time. :)

Ok, I'm all randomed out for now. Gotta get on with it.

The baby's napping and that, my friends, is precious time...



  1. Oh how I miss fuelperks and foodperks!

  2. I wish we had perks like that at our grocery store!

  3. No sun to be found today. At least we had it yesterday.

    Dreams are amazing - they do make you wonder!