Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Card

(*Reminder: Vote for Lily every day! ~she's in 5th place today)

~There are HOW many days until Christmas?????

It's been a few years since I've sent out Christmas cards.


Well, the last few years have been overwhelming at times and quite honestly, we were simply spent.

George and I were discussing this very thing last night --how the ease of our family has really fallen into place. Maybe it's the perspective of a new baby and simply watching this amazing creation grow and how she knows no evil of the world.

She is the connection for all of us--G, Andrew, Reagan, and myself. 
She is pure happiness.

So, not only because it's Lily's first Christmas, but because we, as a family, have found more peace and even greater connection, we'll definitely be sending out Christmas cards this year!

I often scour blogs and emails and company sites for deals--I love a bargain!
In addition to simply loving a good deal, that frugality enables me to be home. What a gift!

This year, Shutterfly is offering 50 Free Cards to bloggers !  Now, that's MY kind of bargain!

The problem I'm going to face...just which one to choose!

I picked my top three:
This One:

This One:

This One:

I just recently received 50 free prints from Shutterfly for being a new customer and I took advantage of that when they had FREE SHIPPING! So, now thanks to Shutterfly I have some awesome new prints that arrived in the mail just a few days later--purely a gift!

I still have a Shutterfly Gift Card to use that I received in my baby registry, so I'm thinking about a wall calendar for 2011. I've learned to WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN because pregnancy brain turned into mommy brain! And calendars are the perfect way to record everything...what better than a calendar with my kids' faces. :) pick the perfect photo!
Did I mention I have an obsession with photographs...



  1. I voted again and I want you to sing something for me for xmas. WHAT?

  2. I love to send out cards each year at Christmas! That's a great deal from Shutterfly. I love that company!

  3. I love love love love shutterfly and my wall calendars are great at the end of the year I cut off the fluffies and frame the cute little collages for gifts for my mom and such!

  4. i love those pics and i think we're going to go with the second one! i voted for lily today!

  5. This shutterfly deal is gong around! I'm definitley taking advantage too. Glad you're sending them out. Everyone loves a good christmas card. I just wish it wasn't $.50/card to send them! LOL

  6. I really like the top 10 one! That was the one that really jumped out to me when I looked through them all the other day.

  7. I like all 3 of the cards you shared here... I'm not sure which one I like the best!

    I'm voting for Lily, daily!

  8. Christmas is coming way too fast. I need to get my card writing butt in gear.