Thursday, November 25, 2010

Come They Told Me Paa Turkey Bum Bum

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year!
We were all very excited as it was Lily's 1st turkey day! Gobble gobble!
Our day starts with the Macy's Parade watching in our pajammies. Andrew and I have been playing Thanksgiving parade bingo since he was a toddler --(I used to draw pictures on the boards for him before he could read) and we were excited that Reagan was with us all day this year to be able to play!
 Lily was in on the parade watching too!
and so excited she was eating her hands

It makes the parade watching a lot more fun for them since they're looking for specific items on their bingo boards. :)   When Andrew was little, my then sister-in-law gave me a subscription to Family Fun magazine and that's where I discovered the bingo! Now, I just print off the boards each year from Family Fun's website:  Thanksgiving Parade Bingo

While the kids kept playing bingo, I started the turkey and got it ready to be in by noon. I think one of the GREATEST inventions was the turkey bag. It makes the moistest (hate that word) turkey with basting at all, plus I still have all the drippings for gravy. I get it all rubbed with the spices and seasoning and in the bag it goes.  It literally cuts off at least an hour of cooking, as well!

Lily took a mid morning nap in her swing...

We've talked a lot this year about family and the definition of what really makes a family. As I watched, Andrew, Reagan and George with Lily, I had this overwhelming feeling of pride--we DID it! We have successfully blended our family and Lily is the one who truly made us cohesive. She's part of all of us.

Along those lines of what makes family, we had friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. They are the family we choose.

The night before Thanksgiving, we made "Thankful Turkeys" for centerpieces for the table.

We had a kids' table this year which was new for us. The kids loved it!

Supper was good, the company was good and we were definitely happy. ♥

                                             Lily fell asleep at the table.

We played the Wii after dinner to work off all the yumminess and I have to say, my inner teenybopper kicked 3 kids' butts on Just Dance 2 on Kesha's "Tik Tok". We hung out, talked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves together.

And I am thankful, so thankful for her.♥
Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Looks like a fantastic Thanksgiving feast. Definitely a lot of things to be thankful for!

  2. Parade bingo is such a cute idea! Do you give a prize to the winner?

  3. I luv the pic of sleeping Lily with the turkey hat over her face - too funny!

    Sounds like a fantastic Turkey Day! I love Thanksgiving!