Monday, November 22, 2010

Wrapping Up

We are heading in to a busy week with Thanksgiving and Andrew's birthday.  So, I want to recap the weekend before I end up much further behind than I already am!
(I still haven't done Lily's TWO or THREE month updates and she's about to be FOUR months.)

Late last week, Andrew's hockey team finished up round one of the a 3 game series, his team won 2 games to advance to the championship series! It was a FANTASTIC series --his team was ahead in all 3 games and the other team came back to tie them up and each game went into overtime!
It was one of the best series he's played in 3 years. 

This was one of my favorite pictures I've ever gotten of him playing:

The championship series--also best 2 of 3--started Saturday and Andrew's team won the 1st game. So, tonight, if they win, they're the champs! Go Andrew!

We went to Pittsburgh's annual Light Up Night downtown Friday night and Lily was on the news! How fun was that? We'd just gotten there, walked across the bridge and we ran into Santa! We asked him to take a picture with Lily and the news happened to be there and captured it. :)  Famous baby for her 1st time seeing Santa Claus! Lily on the News ... 52 seconds in!  We got home in time to see it and record it, but they had it online too and I'm glad so I was able to send it to my mom in AZ!
Here's a still from the news footage:

We had a fun time!
The kids were excited to be able to look inside the Wienermobile:

My babies:

Our favorite part of the night is the fireworks from the bridge:

Lily was asleep in her stroller during the fireworks. :)



  1. What great shots of you and your family during the fireworks! (You need to photoshop you guys all into the same pic!)

    Lily is so darn cute in her little headband with Santa!

    And Yea!!! for Andrews hockey team! How awesome! (The price on hubby's ice hockey pick up team has gone down to $10 a week if your husband is interested in going all the way to Gibsonia Tuesday nights!)

  2. You did such a great job getting the fireworks in the background. Mine never come out like that. Very cool that Lily got to be on the news! Hope you guys have a lovely holiday!

  3. That night looks like it was so much fun! I just love the holidays. How neat that Lily was on the news!