Friday, June 10, 2011

1st Pirates Game

Lily hit PNC Park for her 1st professional baseball game on May 25, 2011!

It worked out perfectly! Andrew had a field trip to the game, Oma and Brayden were here, so we figured, we'd head to the ballpark all together.  Of course, the one thing we didn't count on...the ghastly humid weather that came out of nowhere.  Just the week before, we'd had the furnace on!

We made the best of it and enjoyed the game!  Ticket in hand, we headed for our seats.
We had a few snacks.

We took in a little sunshine and it was just plain hot.

And Lily did get a little crankypants...

But soon enough we were in the shade and happy Lily returned :)
If you've never been to PNC Park, it is truly one of the prettiest ballparks. The views are amazing and it's a good thing they are--something has to make up for the Buccos record.

Andrew enjoyed hanging out with his friends and Brayden hung out with them during the game too.
All those girls in front of them kept talking to them too. :)
The end of the game, the boys were still happy and Lily was just worn out from fighting against giving in and napping. Sleepy baby.
The Pirates were playing the Braves and the game went into extra innings. 
Bucs lost 4-2 after 11 innings.
We look forward to heading back to the ballpark again soon!

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  1. How fun LOL I posted the other day about Kelcee's first ballgame although it wasn't pro ha we don't have pro in WV lol....Lily looks so presh and that girl is always smiling...I love her little grin...