Monday, June 27, 2011

How 'Bout This?

*this is a bitching post about behaviors and comments. skip on over if you need to. :)

I find people to be funny.  Random nuances that show how differently people grew up. 
Sometimes people make me laugh. Other times they piss me off, but then it passes quickly. 
This is about just people in general. Well, then there are some specifics that piss me off.

What is wrong with people who talk crap about kids?  Why is this ok for you--EVER?

~If you are a 19 year old girl speaking shit about my 11 month old baby to fit in with others much older than you, then something is clearly wrong with your self esteem.
How 'bout this? You worry about your life and the babies in your life. Not mine.

~If you are a 20 something married woman who by all accounts seems normal and you take the word of a proven (by professionals) liar and talk shit about my parenting, perhaps you should wait until you have children before you pass such judgment on my parenting.
How 'bout this?  You keep on, keeping on because your writing is actually funny and seems authentic. Stick with what you know because you think you know the whole story, but you have no idea.

~If you are... well, I just don't use those words-- then perhaps you just shouldn't make assumptions. You know what they say, they make you an ass.
How 'bout this? Try to live what you type about your life and how "amazing" it is instead of worrying about how horrific you've decided mine is.  I've been doing JUST fine without you.

~If you call me a cow at every turn, guess what? I didn't struggle with my weight when I was in my 20s (like you).  Just my late 30s. 
How 'bout this? You worry about your weight and the growth of your baby. Because the amount of negativity you are putting into that baby while it's growing, probably isn't healthy. Here's me at 17 weeks pregnant at age 37 if you'd like to compare to you and your own self description, as I can clearly see the difference and the scales tip in your favor *pun intended:

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  1. I get so irritated with snaky young chicks who have it all figured out and who know best because he in 19-25 years you have learned it all some people are just judgmental and silly... not need to worry about them you rock!