Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's in a Name?

Trying to come up with a name for my new "home" was actually pretty easy...except for the Andrew part. :)  Trying to find something that fit for him in the tween stage and all.

Of course, when I think about him, I still think of all the cutie little nicknames I've used for him since he was a baby.  I didn't figure he'd appreciate that very much though.  And "Little Guy" just made him sound....well, little.  And he's not so little anymore.   So, he was ok with the "Not-So-Little Guy" description when I told him I was using one of Lily's nicknames and he didn't want me to embarrass him with any of his. ha

"Punky Pie" actually came randomly right after Lily was born.  She was soooo teeny, but sooooo strong physically.  So, one late night 3am-ish when she was fussing and wriggling and not nursing although she was STARVING, I was talking to her as I tried to get her to calm down and said, "ohhh you little punky pie..."  Only I called her that and not really anywhere but to her. 

Shortly after, I got a package in the mail from two dear friends who are sisters and one of the gifts was a cd with a mix of songs for me after having a new baby. Yep, I got an awesome mix tape cd and on it was the Punky Brewster theme song! 

You see, I know this treasure of a person in AZ who enjoys and appreciates music in the way that I do...and one time we talked about Punky Brewster. The show.

So, in my postpartum I was listening to sweet music chosen specifically for me having this new little creature in my life, tears streaming down my face and then Punky Brewster's theme starts and made me laugh through those tears. 

So, Punky Pie stuck.

Lily also has a variety of "pie" nicknames.  Different flavors of pie, if you will. haha

Andrew very early on said, "Mom, do you know what kind of pie Lily would be if she were a pie?  A cutie pie."  sweet, sweet boy. I loved that so much, her Thanksgiving shirt for this coming year represents it! (yes, she already has a shirt for Thanksgiving)

She also has "Stinker Pie" and "Lily Pie".

I just adore these two kids of mine: My Not-So-Little Guy & My Little Punky Pie!

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