Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keeping My Own Energy

"Don't sink to their level."

How many times did you hear your mom say that one?  Countless times it was a lesson in my family.  What I didn't always understand as a child is what exactly that meant.  As an adult, it takes on various forms such as "Take the high road" or "Turn the other cheek".

Most often that is the path I take.

Sometimes, I fail. 

And I fall prey to sinking to their level.

It hasn't happened often, but when it does,
I feel sickened...embarrassed...ashamed. 
Not because of what I said, but because I allowed the vile evil to get the better of me. 

What set me off?


All the things lies said about me or my husband, don't bother me at all.  The crass, disgusting names that I am called are laughable because you should be able to get your point across without all the filth and trash.

I received an awesome message that really summed up why I feel so embarrassed by my choice to participate in the exchange:

 "Don't fall into her trap - she's just trying to steal your energy away from your life and direct it towards her. Don't fall prey!"

Fortunately, I have long since passed the day where after the interaction occurs, it effects my interactions with the rest of my family.  I guess I have compartmentalized it enough that I engage in the garbage and then when it is over, I'm done with it.

Funny enough, the GOOD thing that comes out of it, is I'm given insight into the thought process and parenting of others, to be able to have a better understanding of some behaviors that get exhibited.

Attacks are being pulled out of left field recently and I literally shake my head at the absurdity of them.

While the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" fits with this situation, the continuous libel that I am abusive is simply criminal. 

So, I will proceed as necessary.

While I may falter here or there, I live an honorable life...

And keep my head held high that I was directed by good parents who imparted the importance of character into my life. 


  1. You hold your head high girl and lead your life. People who have to sling filth and lies only do so to make themselves feel better, how sad.

    Those folks in that very moment...are jealous of you. Remember that. Why would they spend the time trying to knock you down..if you simply didn't matter or they didn't care? Jealousy.

    Don't get in the game. Smile, nod and know that you are better.

    You know that.
    You keep being a great mom and wife and stepmother - karma truly does come 'round, my friend.