Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Day of 5th Grade

Today is my 1st born's last day of 5th grade.... 5TH GRADE?????  How do these babies grow up so quickly?

As I grabbed my camera to take his picture this morning, he said to me, "Ugh...Mommmmm, WHY do you...nevermind. 'Cause you're the mom and that's what you do." (referring to my picture taking)  I just smiled at him.

It's always fascinating to me to see how much he changes from the beginning of the year to the end. This year with Lily, it's so clear how quickly time has gone by.  She was 6 weeks when school started for Andrew and now 10 months.  My babies are growing up tooooooooooooooooo fast!

Andrew 5th grade:

9.7.11:                                                            6.14.11:


  1. Oh Lord! He has grown so much and I had no idea!! They are gorgeous, but you knew that...

  2. He looks so much older than he did on the first day of school! Crazy how that happens. You have gorgeous kids. :-)

  3. WOW def changed a lot from the beginning of the year till the end.

  4. Look how much they both grew during the school year! So cute that he just puts up with the pictures!

  5. He has grown a lot! I hope he had a great year!