Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost Treasure at the Pirate Game

Yesterday we headed to the Pirates game as a family.  The weather was cooler than it had been, we'd gotten free tickets, it was Boy Scout Day-- Andrew would be getting a patch, a bag full of snacks, everyone in a good mood.

Before we made our way into our seats, we slathered everyone up with sunscreen by making use of a closed concession stand counter.  George held Lily while I sprayed Andrew and made sure he was covered.  I just spray it on Andrew--no rubbing involved. 

With Lily, I spray it into my hands to rub it on her arms, face, neck, ears, head and only spray directly onto her legs and feet.  I was carrying the diaper bag and big bag o' snacks that I left resting on the counter.  I took my wedding ring off to rub on Lily's sunscreen and placed it in between the diaper bag and big bag o' snacks, so I wouldn't forget it. 

Everyone sunscreened up, we headed up to our seats, settled in and enjoyed the game and Lily entertained the people around us, as always.  About 45 minutes later or so when I was holding Lily and getting her to wave, I inhaled sharply, shouted "oh no!" as I suddenly realized... I had left my wedding ring on that closed concession stand counter at the bottom of our entrance.

The ring that is a 5th generation heirloom from my husband's family.


And while my husband does not LOVE it, he knows I do and I love that our daughter will be the 6th generation to receive it.

I ran down the steps, praying the entire way and when I turned to corner to see whether my ring was still sitting on that countertop, I took a deep breath...


a lone ring sitting on a silver counter at a closed concession stand.  THANK GOD!

When I headed back towards our seats, I looked up at George from the bottom of our section. He held up his hands to say, "Well?" and I nodded yes.  When I got up there, he said, "You are so lucky. That was your dad looking out for you for sure."

I was a much happier person after my near panic attack. :)

Lily was worn out and beyond sleepy at the end of the game, but you can clearly see I am still thrilled!
(and you can see my ring...whew)


  1. OMG I have my grandmother's 50th wedding anniversary ring...It means more to me than anything...I have thought I have lost it so many times, I know that panic feeling!!! Sooo happy you found it!!

  2. You got so lucky! I'm so glad you found it. And I'd agree with your husband, that yes it was your dad looking out for you!

  3. Thank God you found it! That's a miracle!

  4. I am so glad it was there that is just amazing...

  5. So glad it was still there - incredibile!

    Quick quetion - my husband and I are coming to Pittsburgh for a concert this week and I think we are going to have a couple of hours to do something touristy. Any suggestions?

  6. Whoa, I agree with hubs on this one... help from Daddy :)
    I have my Grandmother's engagement ring as mine as well. I love that it has been in my family forever as I am sure you do with your ring.
    Great family pic!

  7. WOW! You are a lucky girl and your dad was definitely watching over that ring! We were at the game a few days prior to this for V's first Pirate game, she may have even been wearing the same shirt as Lily!!