Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving On

I've decided to move away from "Got One Past the Goalie" for a variety of reasons.  I'm sure if you've been reading or we know each other in real life, you can guess some of them. However, I love writing, journaling and documenting about my family, so I've moved on over to a new place where I can hopefully just write about my kids and our family without the myriad of garbage. :)  

I'm not private, so I recognize the odds increase for "discovery", but I just wanted to start in a clean place.  My husband doesn't love blogging, but understands my reasons and desires to do it, so we compromise. :)

I'm still working on getting it set up to look the way I like and of course, I'll explain where "My Little Punky Pie" comes from. :)


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