Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogger Frustrations

I'm super frustrated with Blogger.  For the last week when I have tried to comment on blogs, it has me listed as not logged in, so I select a profile (google blogger) and then sign in to comment.  It shows me as "anonymous" and then when I clicked to publish, it tells me I'm not logged in and I get lost in a stupid loop of logging in and it telling me I'm NOT logged in.

Y'all know how frustrating it is to type out a comment and then have it be lost, right?  So, this issue is similar. I type it all out and then can't ever get it posted.

My fonts for my post titles and my dates are also jacked up.  Not showing up.  

I've read enough that these issues are not exclusive to me, however, there seems to be nothing known to correct them.

That being said, I'm considering being done with Blogger completely anyway.  We'll see how it these issues progress.

But for now, I've tried to comment on a lot of blogs with no luck! So, if you'd expect that I would have commented on YOUR blog, then odds are I did and it wouldn't post.


  1. Steph, I had that problem over a year ago when I was still using blogger. There are other sites out there that are much better. I am LOVING me some wordpress, but I also know that typepad is pretty good too.


  2. I am so frustrated, too! I've found that on some blogs there is a Name/URL option that seems to work okay. Blogger needs to get its act together!

  3. I'm not sure if you've figured it out yet, but as long as you don't check the box "remember me" when you log in you can comment. Kind of a pain to log in every time you turn on the computer, but at least it lets you comment.