Friday, June 24, 2011

Just a Lil' Peek

Lily's new favorite thing to do is stand at our front door and watch peek at the American flag that hangs on our front porch.  She plays with her toys, crawls all over the place, pulls up on the couch and tables, but inevitably, she'll end up at the front screen door standing there watching that flag.

I have to admit, it makes my patriotic heart swell just a little bit. 

I guess it's just in her.....her daddy was in the army and a former police officer and mama a teacher.

All-American baby.

She's fascinated with the wind and we've found her watching flags at the Pirates games and even when we were stopped for gas on our little road trip last weekend. She's mesmerized by them.

Even though a few months ago, she'd see the flag blow and it would scare her...she would cry which is why she started peeking around to look at it before it turned into full on staring. It's super cute to see her just stand and watch, squeal, and jabber in her sweet little sing-song voice.

Happy Friday!

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  1. that is the cutest thing!!! it's amazing the things they find to tickle their fancies!