Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Days 4 and 5 ~Blog Challenge

Day 4-Your parents
My parents.
Where to even begin...
For the last 15 1/2 years it's been my mom.
I actually even miss saying "my parents" in the present sense.

I was born to 2 newlyweds in March 1973, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
A man of 26 and a woman of 20.
My mom was from Clarksburg, West Virginia and my dad from Johnstown, PA.

They married in this church in West Virginia...

...and lived in this house in Pennsylvania.
(This is one of my brothers who was also born in Pittsburgh and lived in this house.)

In 1976, a baby boy was born into our family and again in 1981, another boy.

In 1979, my parents packed up our belongings and moved us to Mesa, Arizona.
In a U-Haul...my dad, my mom, myself at age 6 and my 3 year old brother.
My parents were hardworking (my mom still is) and everything they've always done was for their children.
I am so blessed to have been born into this family
The model of parenting I was given is truly a gift.

Our last family photo shortly before my dad died, May 1995.

Day 5-Your siblings

I am the oldest and only girl to a family of 3 children.
My brother after me is 3 years younger...J.
He is married and has 2 children --a boy and a girl.
I consider my sister-in-law my sibling too. ♥

The "baby" of the family is 8 years younger than me...A.
He is the only native of Arizona

All 3 of us are teachers.

My brothers both teach high school special education.

My sister-in-law and myself are elementary teachers. She's teaches 1st grade and I taught kindergarten.

My brother's are both coaches, as well and teach/coach at the same high school we all attended.

I grew up in a great family and I'm proud they're my brothers!



  1. Swears that your brother on your left looks exactly like this dude I was friends with. I ought to scan his pic in and send it to you. Better yet, hit me up and I'll send you his name, he's a FB friend of mine.

    Fantastic family picture, and I know your dad is so very proud of you.

  2. Thanks for sharing a bit about your family history with us! Great family pic!

  3. I love this post and learning more about your family. That is a very sweet photo. I'm so sorry about your father. He was way too young. I agree with Ian, I know he is proud of you girl. xoxo