Sunday, October 24, 2010

These Are the things I Believe ~ Day 12

Day 12-What you believe

I've been thinking about this post and how to really capture into words "what I believe".
I've decided that instead of overwhelming myself with trying to write everything, I'd just focus on a few and see where it goes. :)

Since 1995, I have lived by the belief:
everything happens for a reason.
It has become so cliche that it almost annoys me to say it anymore, but the truth of the matter is, I wholeheartedly believe it.

Everything has a purpose.
Some things I may not know or ever know.
I have faith in His purpose.

Also, ALL of the events of my life have led to me where I am.
I wouldn't change ONE thing.
Without everything being EXACTLY as it happened, then everything else would have been changed as well.

The above is very much a snapshot of who I am.

These are also the things I believe:
~Babies are a gift.
~Pregnancy from conception to delivery is miraculous. A true miracle.
~One can fall in love with another through online and telephone communication.
~All children have a right to a safe home.
~Consistency in parenting offers security to a child and security lets them know they are loved.
~The legal system is broken.
~Things are right or wrong. Not "kinda" right or "kinda" wrong.
~No two children are born into the same family.
~I cannot be the only person in a relationship to make effort and sometimes I have to let that relationship go when the effort is not reciprocated.

I'm certain this list could be miles long, but I'm stopping here. :)

I'm a passionate woman who has very strong opinions, is open minded to others and is more empathetic than sometimes is good for me.



  1. Beautiful! I couldn't agree more. xoxo

  2. "I'm a passionate woman who has very strong opinions, is open minded to others and is more empathetic than sometimes is good for me."

    I think you and I were separated at birth :)

    That post was beautiful, Steph - and I think you did a great job of really letting your beliefs speak for themselves...xoxox.

  3. Love this! Great list chicka

  4. I believe everything happens for a reason too! Even the day my daughter's bus driver didn't stop to let her off and I nearly had a heart attack, something good came out of it. We're all on a path, we just can't see where it's taking us!