Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Little Catch Up

Happy Sunday!

The end of the week has been pretty busy around here --hockey games, scouting activities, yard work, school work and tests for the kids to study for. Seems like Thursdays are the busiest.

I need to catch up on my Blog Challenge and I'm going to do that today. I have days 4-6, I think.

Friday, I went to a great consignment sale that I've now come to look forward to each Fall and Spring. I practiced with the Moby Wrap so that I could shop this sale with ease with Lily. She hung in there like a champ! (pun intended) I was really happy with my finds for her for the winter months! (I HATE spending a lot of money on clothing.) 

Saturday, Andrew, had his first Scout activity to go to. He and George headed off to the Shoot-O-Ree to do boy stuff...shoot bb guns and the like.

And yes, since it's Pittsburgh, "shooting" means hockey too!

The girls and I headed to Reagan's hockey game.

We've been working on lessons of responsibility with the kids recently and Saturday was one of those lessons learned for the 6 year old.
Reag forgot her hockey gear at home. 

Typically, it's in the trunk of the car. I asked before we left to make sure she had her stuff and she said, "Yes."  We got to the game, opened the trunk and there was her stick and that's it. 
Yikes. Helmet, jersey, gloves missing.

She was bummed.
Her coach had a jersey for her to borrow, but without a helmet--no go.  George and Andrew had finished up at the Shoot-O-Ree and were on their way home. They stopped, got her gear and headed to her game. But, for the majority of the game, she watched from the bench and her gear arrived in time only for her to play the last few minutes. 
She was a disappointed little girl. 

Lily enjoyed the game by napping in the Moby Wrap!
(It's kinda like being pregnant again...with the baby on the outside.)

In between hockey games, George worked on trimming the trees that are close to the house so that hopefully the squirrel who loves to jump onto the roof of our house and run laps will find another place to run.
( I LOVELOVELOVE that my husband is so 'handy'!)

It was back to hockey shortly after for Andrew's hockey game last evening:

Lily watched her big brother with her Daddy for a little while...
 ...then cozied back up in the Moby with Mama for the rest of the game.

We had a pretty busy Saturday and are looking forward to a relaxing Sunday.



  1. Yay for guy time :) She is just too cute!!

  2. I like the Moby wrap - you'll have to let me know how you like it and how it works out!

    Sounds like you are all happy and busy - hurray!

  3. I bought one of my friends a moby wrap and she loves it! I had the baby bjorn and I was like you it is totally like being pregnant but with the baby on the outside LOL! You crack me up with the she was hanging in there....pun intended joke....hahahaha

    Love that ya'll had such a great family weekend! At least she got to play the end of the game! That totally happens to everybody, two weeks ago I was rushing to get Kelcee to gymnastics and I put her in her Ugg Boots that don't need socks and forgot she needed to wear socks and got there and totally had to buy socks which ugggg were so expensive since it was a gymnastics studio I could have totally bought her two packs at Walmart so lesson learned I always carry socks in my purse LOL

    You look so good girl
    Summer :0)

  4. This is so fun to read! Look at your sweet family girl. :)

  5. I ever tell you how much Andrew looks like you? And you in that wrap with Lily is just precious. Not in the Lord of the Rings Preeeeecccciiiiooouuussss kind of way lol

  6. Looks like an exciting weekend. How do you like your Moby? They look so confusing to me.

  7. I'm going to have to look into the Moby wrap when I have my baby (planning still in action) but it looks awesome!

    And I'm with you, I have a handy boyfriend and I LOVE it!!! Good work George! :)